Replay Media Catcher 4.0.8

– Ensure RunOnce registry key is available to stop driver installation failure
– Ensure clean up of inf files if driver install fails
– MusicDNS tagging now happens external to the MusicDNS lookup
– Ensure qtCopy only gets RTSP urls
– Implemented a rule system for naming tagged files
– Added trial limitations to audio recording
– Added content type application/flash-video
– Fixed minsize error when no content length given
– Added option to hide/display task bar icon when minimized
– Support for AMF serializing Generic Lists – stops error in fix flv
– Support for RadioTime playlist
– Fixed registry entry where driver reboot flag is being written.
– Fixed url for download of .Net 2.0 prerequisite, after MS release of .NET 4.0
– Audio Recording Slitting
– Added Server:AmazonS3 content type
4.0.6 Beta 2:
– Improves filtering of small downloads that should be filtered out because of the Min Download Size, but were making it through because no Content Length was set. Example AMF files from tuba.
– Ensure X- headers are copied from original request to segmented download requests. Example tuba authentication issues.
– New Russian translations
– Fixed always on top setting which wasn’t enabled when a new instance was started.
4.0.6 Beta 1:
– Improved detection of RMTP streams on port 80 (BBC detection issue)
– Adjusted the naming so that BBC iplayer names are detected.
– Fixed shoutcast streams where the meta data was being transmitted and included in the resulting file causing beeps when played back.
– Auto fixing of FLV files with no duration is now Q’ed ensuring that when two or more large files finish around the same time they are not fixed at the same time causing the machine to become unstable because of the potential load.
– Russian language support
– Implemented an option to Automatically switch to recording mode when SWF verification is detected
– Implemented Super RTMP Download
– Implemented a progress bar on the Fix FLV interface for visual feedback whilst processing large files
– Fixed migration of settings when upgrading between versions of RMC4

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