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Meeting Recorder Plus

  • Windows 11 compatibility
    This version addresses primarily Windows 11 compatibility especially when setting up recording from external audio sources (USB, Bluetooth).
  • Improved audio setup
    More resources added for checking the computer audio including properties and functionality of the audio sources. This is necessary especially when external audio sources like Bluetooth and USB are used which sometimes give false information about their operation.
  • Improved installation of ActiveX controls (for new installations)
    Added features to raise the trust factor when installing ActiveX controls heavily scrutinized by security software for external applications.

Meeting Recorder Plus


  • Any type of microphones and speakers can now be used, Windows default, stereo and mono Bluetooth headsets, USB microphones , different type of earbuds, and more.
  • Speaker sample rates no longer restricted to 48000Hz.
  • Speaker and microphone not required to have the same sample rates
  • Improved echo cancelation with the Smart Microphone, automatic volume setup during recording
  • Improved user interface shows a lot more details about your system audio.
  • Easy to choose recording modes
  • Bugs fix

WM Converter Pro enhanced features:

  • lower recorded file sizes 2 to 10 times while preserving quality
  • compress, boost, reduce recorded audio volume
  • add audio to silent video
  • add second audio track to video

Meeting Recorder Plus

  • Add improved audio recorder (Virtual Audio plus)
  • Add media converter (WM Converter pro)
  • Setup UNICODE directory names
  • Fix bugs when selecting Audio Mix feature