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Meeting Recorder Plus


  • Any type of microphones and speakers can now be used, Windows default, stereo and mono Bluetooth headsets, USB microphones , different type of earbuds, and more.
  • Speaker sample rates no longer restricted to 48000Hz.
  • Speaker and microphone not required to have the same sample rates
  • Improved echo cancelation with the Smart Microphone, automatic volume setup during recording
  • Improved user interface shows a lot more details about your system audio.
  • Easy to choose recording modes
  • Bugs fix

WM Converter Pro enhanced features:

  • lower recorded file sizes 2 to 10 times while preserving quality
  • compress, boost, reduce recorded audio volume
  • add audio to silent video
  • add second audio track to video

Meeting Recorder Plus

  • Add improved audio recorder (Virtual Audio plus)
  • Add media converter (WM Converter pro)
  • Setup UNICODE directory names
  • Fix bugs when selecting Audio Mix feature