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Replay AV 8.81

– Includes updated Replay Converter 4.0
– Improved recording of BBC radio stations

Replay AV 8.80

– fixed “mute when recording” setting when recording from speakers.
– improved logging to better troubleshoot registration code problems.

Replay AV 8.79

– improved connection for registration purposes
– modified log file contents

Replay AV 8.78

– improved capturing from YouTube.
– fixed crash that would sometimes occur after audio recording.

Replay AV 8.77

– Fixed Sirius login error due to another login process change by Sirius.

Replay AV 8.76

– removes mentions of Enhanced Sound Card Driver
– fixes issue recording after tuning to an XM station
– displays a better message about unable to register due to too many activations
– fixes the Add-to-iTunes problem with audio recordings

Replay AV 8.75

– Improved tuning for XM and Sirius. Now uses a dockable window, and is way more robust.