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Replay Converter 4.0

– Improved user interface. Added buttons for easy editing and deleting of target formats.
– Bug fixes
– Will now successfully convert “broken” FLV files that have missing or incorrect header information.
– Now transfers metadata from original file to the converted file.
– Removed the problematic file which is no longer needed.

Replay Converter 3.60

– Fixed a bug related to CD burning.
– Added a new setting that allows the temporary disabling of DirectShow Codecs for users that may have conflicts with DirectShow in other programs.

Replay Converter 3.50

– Added ability to change the video track speed. Useful to fix conversions that will not sync up well due to audio gaps in the original video. Also can be used to create time lapsed videos.
– Added more hints to reflect all the additions that were made in this version and the previous version.
– Added a “Copy DVD” option which makes copying from a DVD to a blank DVD very easy and quick.
– Added ability to burn .iso image files.
– Fixed some bugs
Burn Module 2.10
– Added ability to create and save .iso image files from the burn wizard.
– Better ASPI support to burners that need to use ASPI. Enhanced burn module improves compatibility with more CD burners
– Fixed some bugs.

Replay Converter 3.40

– Added re-sync options and conversion method options dialog box when a user selects the “Troubleshoot” option. In this new Troubleshoot dialog box, a user can either select the DirectShow method of conversion or not. A user can also select from 4 re-sync options :
a) No change.
b) Automatically re-sync but only start of audio track is corrected.
c) Automatically re-sync all of the audio track.
d) Re-sync the video track by amount in seconds. This can be a positive number which moves the video forward so many seconds or a negative number which moves the video back so many seconds. You can also use fractions of a second by using a decimal.
– Added a “Remove Audio Track” option in the target format settings.
– Added two new target formats – PSP format and Zune format.
– Added a “Replace Audio File” option to the context menu when you right click a video source file. When a user selects this option a file dialog box opens that will allow you to select an audio file. This option allows you to add audio in a video file that does not have an audio track or replaces the audio track in a video that already has an audio track. This is useful for video editing. For instance, a user could record narration or music to an audio file and then add that audio track to a video that doesn’t have an audio track. Or replace a well known video that has an audio track with their own silly audio track which I find is very popular with YouTube videos.
– Added “Don’t Convert” and “Re-convert” options to the context menu when you right click a video source file. The “Don’t convert” option is good when you just want to add an already converted DVD ready MPEG-2 file to a DVD. The “Re-convert” option allows you to re-convert a file using a different conversion method if there was a problem like sync issues.
– Added “Buy Now” and “Upgrade Deals” buttons to the “About” box.
– Added new icon, registration screen and splash screen.

Replay Converter 3.35

– Added audio alerts for successful and failed conversions. Settings has option to turn audio alerts on or off.
– Added FFMPEG credit in About box.
– Better error handling and messaging.
– Progress bar now displays percentage of conversion completed.