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Replay Converter 3.35

– Added audio alerts for successful and failed conversions. Settings has option to turn audio alerts on or off.
– Added FFMPEG credit in About box.
– Better error handling and messaging.
– Progress bar now displays percentage of conversion completed.

Replay Converter 3.31

– Fixed a frame size bug where if two or more videos of different frame sizes were converted, the orignal frame size setting would not work properly.

Replay Converter 3.30

– Able to convert more audio files, especially Real audio.
– Drop down lists extend further down to show more options.
– Able to convert .swf files.
– Video and audio files convert faster.
– Verification buffer overrun issue fixed.
– Able to convert more types of ASF files.
– Fixed widescreen aspect ratio bug.
– Fixed a DVD entry bug.
– Able to extract subtitles from DVDs when converting DVDs.
– Able to convert more types of FLV files.
– Updated splash screen.
– Added a TrialPay button in Replay Converter’s registration screen.
CD/DVD Burner module version 2.0:
– Fixed a file buffer overrun issue.
– Added a new DVD settings process

Replay Converter 3.20

– Added a new target format to convert files to iPhone ringtones.
– Can now transfer files to iTunes automatically using a setting in Replay Converter’s options.
– Can now convert High Definition videos captured using Replay Media Catcher from Hulu that were captured by Media Catcher.
– Can now extract sections of audio or video that by right clicking on the source file and selecting the “Extract” option.
– Fixed a conversion problem with RM audio only files.

Replay Converter 3.12

– Removed mpegsplitter codec that was causing problems for some users.
– Fixed a bug in DVD burning where some files were not being authored properly.
– Fixed a bug that caused some WMV files to contain audio interference when converted using the “troubleshoot” feature.
– Fixed a bug involving troubleshoot conversions to iPod video. Now when converting ASF files using troubleshoot, the video frames will be smooth.

Replay Converter 3.11

– Fixed a frame rate bug. This will allow more successful Real file conversions.
– Added an Open log file folder button which allows users to find their log file more easily.
– Improved support for offline use of Replay Converter.
– Added tick marks to the volume control.

Replay Converter 3.1

– A new Audio Volume control is now in the target format profile settings. This allows customers to increase or decrease or use the default (normal volume). This is ideal for people who may want to increase the volume of some of their MP3 recordings.
– More log entries for better diagnostics.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Added Application key control for the source file list box right click menu. This especially benefits blind people using screen readers like JAWS.