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Replay Converter 3.0

This update to Replay Converter has been a major rewrite of our core conversion technologies.
– Conversions are now faster.
– Added the capability to burn DVD’s, audio CD’s and data CD’s.
– Can now convert DVD’s to other file formats.
– Removed optional user DirectShow settings. Replay Converter now will convert files automatically using the best method.
– Added a progress bar while files are being converted.
– Can convert to more file formats: MOV, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and FLAC.
– Improved audio and video sync with converted files.
– Improved success rate of converted files.
– Fixed “Minimized” button bug while converting files.
– No time limit in demo mode video conversions. Adds a watermark to the videos instead.
– New right-click option opens the folder where converted files reside.
– Added a “Convert with Replay Converter” right-click option to Windows File Explorer.

Replay Converter 2.80

– Added audio conversion options that allows users to either convert audio files using DirectShow or not.
– Now detects if a file has no audio and reports an error when trying to convert to an audio format.
– Can convert more files to Ogg.
– Can convert more video files to audio files.
– Added “Open Target Folder” button in “Options”.
– Added computer resource usage options.
– After deleting an item in the converter list, the selector line appears on the next item.
– Improved ASF to MP3 conversions.

Replay Converter 2.75

– Includes fixes for some FLV Conversions.
– Adds new Video Conversion options for flexibility in choosing a conversion method.
– Adds a Flip Video option.

Replay Converter 2.6

– Better conversion to more video formats (Converts more types of FLV files and Real files).
– When Replay Converter runs in Replay A/V, it will now close if it detects another instance of Replay Converter.
– Will now show as a registered version if registered with Replay A/V.
– Will now show as a registered version if Replay Converter was registered before and user is offline.
– Now converts twice as fast as previous version.

Replay Converter 2.5

– All temp files are cleared now if converter fails.
– Able to convert more FLV files and Real files successfully.
– Fixed out of sync issues with some video file conversions.
– Can now convert FLAC files.

Replay Converter 2.41

– Converts more FLV files.
– More detailed log file for diagnosis.
– Added “Display Log” button in options dialog box for faster access of log file.
– Faster conversions.
– Fixed temp file bug. All temp files are now cleared and should no longer grow indefinitely.
– Fixed problems with Real conversions growing to huge sizes or being out-of-sync.
– Changed Conversion status dialog box text.
– Fixed out of sync issue with some videos.

Replay Converter 2.40

– Fixed audio/video out of sync issue. (Mostly with FLV files.)
– Fixed large temp file issue.
– Some conversions no longer run indefinitely.
– Fixed problems converting Real Video and Audio files.
– Able to type in customized settings for frame size and bitrate.

Replay Converter 2.31

– Added “Hints” to improve user experience.
– Added code signing for file integrity checking.
– Replay Converter log file is now ReplayConverterLog.log so users can locate it easily.
– Can convert more types of FLV, QuickTime, and Real files.
– Can now convert MP4 files and RAM files that reference an online stream.
– Improved product registration.

Replay Converter 2.20

– Eliminates occasional upside down videos from You Tube files.
– Added 16 Kbps audio bit rate to all target formats.
– Added a conversion counter to the title bar.
– Can now minimize Replay Converter while converting.
– Added a “Cancel Current Conversion” button and a “Cancel Conversion Job” button.
– Title bar icon is now animated when Replay Converter is converting a file.
– Added new optional command line switch parameters.