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Replay Converter 3.1

– A new Audio Volume control is now in the target format profile settings. This allows customers to increase or decrease or use the default (normal volume). This is ideal for people who may want to increase the volume of some of their MP3 recordings.
– More log entries for better diagnostics.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Added Application key control for the source file list box right click menu. This especially benefits blind people using screen readers like JAWS.

Replay Converter 3.0

This update to Replay Converter has been a major rewrite of our core conversion technologies.
– Conversions are now faster.
– Added the capability to burn DVD’s, audio CD’s and data CD’s.
– Can now convert DVD’s to other file formats.
– Removed optional user DirectShow settings. Replay Converter now will convert files automatically using the best method.
– Added a progress bar while files are being converted.
– Can convert to more file formats: MOV, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and FLAC.
– Improved audio and video sync with converted files.
– Improved success rate of converted files.
– Fixed “Minimized” button bug while converting files.
– No time limit in demo mode video conversions. Adds a watermark to the videos instead.
– New right-click option opens the folder where converted files reside.
– Added a “Convert with Replay Converter” right-click option to Windows File Explorer.

Replay Converter 2.80

– Added audio conversion options that allows users to either convert audio files using DirectShow or not.
– Now detects if a file has no audio and reports an error when trying to convert to an audio format.
– Can convert more files to Ogg.
– Can convert more video files to audio files.
– Added “Open Target Folder” button in “Options”.
– Added computer resource usage options.
– After deleting an item in the converter list, the selector line appears on the next item.
– Improved ASF to MP3 conversions.

Replay Converter 2.75

– Includes fixes for some FLV Conversions.
– Adds new Video Conversion options for flexibility in choosing a conversion method.
– Adds a Flip Video option.

Replay Converter 2.6

– Better conversion to more video formats (Converts more types of FLV files and Real files).
– When Replay Converter runs in Replay A/V, it will now close if it detects another instance of Replay Converter.
– Will now show as a registered version if registered with Replay A/V.
– Will now show as a registered version if Replay Converter was registered before and user is offline.
– Now converts twice as fast as previous version.

Replay Converter 2.5

– All temp files are cleared now if converter fails.
– Able to convert more FLV files and Real files successfully.
– Fixed out of sync issues with some video file conversions.
– Can now convert FLAC files.

Replay Converter 2.41

– Converts more FLV files.
– More detailed log file for diagnosis.
– Added “Display Log” button in options dialog box for faster access of log file.
– Faster conversions.
– Fixed temp file bug. All temp files are now cleared and should no longer grow indefinitely.
– Fixed problems with Real conversions growing to huge sizes or being out-of-sync.
– Changed Conversion status dialog box text.
– Fixed out of sync issue with some videos.

Replay Converter 2.40

– Fixed audio/video out of sync issue. (Mostly with FLV files.)
– Fixed large temp file issue.
– Some conversions no longer run indefinitely.
– Fixed problems converting Real Video and Audio files.
– Able to type in customized settings for frame size and bitrate.

Replay Converter 2.31

– Added “Hints” to improve user experience.
– Added code signing for file integrity checking.
– Replay Converter log file is now ReplayConverterLog.log so users can locate it easily.
– Can convert more types of FLV, QuickTime, and Real files.
– Can now convert MP4 files and RAM files that reference an online stream.
– Improved product registration.