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Replay Converter 2.20

– Eliminates occasional upside down videos from You Tube files.
– Added 16 Kbps audio bit rate to all target formats.
– Added a conversion counter to the title bar.
– Can now minimize Replay Converter while converting.
– Added a “Cancel Current Conversion” button and a “Cancel Conversion Job” button.
– Title bar icon is now animated when Replay Converter is converting a file.
– Added new optional command line switch parameters.

Replay Converter 2.10

– Able to convert to better quality WMV videos.
– Able to convert more FLV files to WMV.
– Able to convert more WMV files.
– Only need to set the “Edit Target Format Settings” once while doing a batch job.
– Able to convert from DVDs (VOB files).

Replay Converter 2.01

– Now properly converts audio only FLVs.
– Converts more FLV and MOV files.
– No longer shows an “Unable to get media information” error.
– Better descriptions on the target format profiles.

Replay Converter 2.0

Replay Converter 2.0 was released today, with more support for iPod, FLV videos (like YouTube), more control over conversion settings, and more conversion options. It’s a free update for any current Replay Converter user.
Here’s what’s new:
– You can now change some of the target format settings such as bit rate, frame rate, and frame size. If you go into Replay Converter’s settings under “Options” and check the “Edit Target Format Before Starting Conversion Job”.
– Added the ability to convert to M4a AAC audio format.
– Added the ability to convert to M4b AAC audio format. This is the iPod Audiobook format, which lets you set bookmarks in large audio files when listening on your iPod.
– Added the ability to convert to a PC version MPEG-4 video format.
– Added the ability to convert to 3GP video format. Many mobile phones support this format.
– Replay Converter now reports an error if you try to convert a file with the same format in the same folder.
– Target file names are not always in lower case.
– Drop-down box for selecting the profile contains more visible options.
– Improved conversion of FLV files.
– Corrected the unexpected behavior of going into Options and then exiting, where the Target Format profile went back to the default.
– Target Format profile now sticks even when re-starting Replay Converter.
– Plays a sound after conversion job is successful.
– New command line options. Replay Converter can be run from DOS batch files or third party programs.

Replay Converter 1.1

– All buttons are now tabbable for easier access.
– Radio buttons can now be accessed properly with arrow keys.
– Added “Do Not Convert Audio in Video” check box.

Replay Converter 1.01

– All buttons are now tabbable.
– Tooltips are added to all the controls.
– Certain video files of unusual dimension no longer convert improperly.