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Replay Media Catcher

  • New: Welcome screen
  • New: New View menu to control display of module tabs
  • New: New Library > Folders menu items to control the display of default folders
  • New: New menu items to show listview/thumbnail view
  • New: Support for High Contrast Themes
  • New: Implemented support for YouTubes new adaptive streaming protocol in Raw mode
  • Fixed: Downloading of YouTube music videos in Page mode after recent YouTube changes
  • Fixed: RTMP Superdownload where server does not disconnect

Replay Media Catcher

  • New: ffmpeg.exe v 13cb6ed and associated changes to support removal of sameq parameter
  • New: Slacker music guide
  • New: Scheduler oncomplete actions: stop monitoring, close
  • New: Write art work now saved to ID3 tags
  • New: Welcome screen
  • New: Library toolbar to control modules
  • New: Minimal forms now have their own default position and last position is saved
  • New: Option to switch on final size in list view status.
  • Fixed: conversion, itunes imports and tagging from scheduled jobs
  • Fixed: Use computer date format string for date controls
  • Fixed: Reload conversions menu after conversion settings form is closed
  • Fixed: Improved YouTube detection mainly around embedded videos in page mode
  • Fixed: Fixed youtube utf-8 filenames
  • Fixed: Fixed HDS download missing last segment
  • Fixed: Fixed restoring of conversion defaults.
  • Fixed: Removed 4 char limit on plugins form
  • Fixed: Save always on top state and restore on start
  • Fixed: Save scheduled tasks with start task on AC only off
  • Fixed: Fixed naming of http direct downloads with no content-type
  • Fixed: Fixed renaming issue with some audio files
  • Fixed: Fixed search control scrolling
  • Fixed: Ensure an edited schedules conversion setting is cleared when not selected
  • Fixed: If no RTMPE playlist entry and server port is 443 then nolonger raise as copy protected as its probably SSL

Replay Media Catcher

  • Changed YouTube video detection to support recent YouTube changes
  • Fixed install link for Applian network monitor
  • Changed download link for Applian FLV Player

Replay Media Catcher

  • Added installer registry entries for Director.
  • Allow multiple deletes in scheduler
  • Ensure appropriate text boxes are active when dialogs are displayed from settings
  • Implemented enable/disable ID3 naming rule for conversions.
  • Moved start internet monitoring on startup to settings form.

Replay Media Catcher

  • All New!
  • Supports New Video Protocols: Replay Media Catcher can now download videos using Adobe HDS, Apple HLS and more.
  • Enhanced YouTube support: Downloads new YouTube formats.
  • Use the Video Cache Tool to save previously watched videos without redownloading.
  • New Media Guides: Find video, music and audio from popular sites by searching our new media guides. Thumbnail previews of all media included.
  • Thumbnail Views: New views, tabs and user interface make it easier than ever to manage your media downloads.
  • Small Interface Option: Shrink Replay Media Catcher to a really tiny window.
  • Record audio from ANY web site as an MP3 file. Now you can capture audio from anywhere!
  • Scheduling: Schedule a download at a specific time. Great for recording live streaming events.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.5

  • Implemented new registration screen that is displayed when the application is already registered.
  • mplemented busy icon that is displayed when checking registration.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.3

– Audio Recording now supports a choice recording to MP3 or WAV. Important for those that want to record 32b sample rates as MP3 only supports 16b.
– Allow max concurrent downloads to be set up to 100 – default is still 5.
– Updated browser name detection for the latest round of browsers.
– Fixed bug in duplicate name detection that was causing issues detecting MSNBC TV and probably other sites as well.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.2

– Browser naming rule if enabled is applied first but will now be overwridden by other naming rules if they result in a name.
– Supports detection and handling of YouTube fragments using the range parameter
– Supports detection and handling of YouTube urls using the redirect_counter parameter
– Duplicate URL detection extended to take into account the length of time a video may be playing for.
– Improved audio handeling.
– Improved network monitor installation.