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Replay Media Catcher 4.4.5

  • Implemented new registration screen that is displayed when the application is already registered.
  • mplemented busy icon that is displayed when checking registration.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.3

– Audio Recording now supports a choice recording to MP3 or WAV. Important for those that want to record 32b sample rates as MP3 only supports 16b.
– Allow max concurrent downloads to be set up to 100 – default is still 5.
– Updated browser name detection for the latest round of browsers.
– Fixed bug in duplicate name detection that was causing issues detecting MSNBC TV and probably other sites as well.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.2

– Browser naming rule if enabled is applied first but will now be overwridden by other naming rules if they result in a name.
– Supports detection and handling of YouTube fragments using the range parameter
– Supports detection and handling of YouTube urls using the redirect_counter parameter
– Duplicate URL detection extended to take into account the length of time a video may be playing for.
– Improved audio handeling.
– Improved network monitor installation.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.1

– Registration update.
– Fixed error when recording a stream and the file already exists.
– When reprocessing a stream the original title is now used.
– Moved “Browser title naming rule” to top of the rule list in settings.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.0

– Audio recording to MP3
– New audio recording visualization
– Fixed disable super download for live streams not sticking
– Browser title naming rule now applied before download is Q’ed
– DPI improvements
– Youtube multiple download improvements
– Changed Copyright dates
– New registration system.
– New installer and splash screen graphics

Replay Converter 4.3.2

– Changed YouTube playlist downloader to support recent YouTube changes
– Further improvements to Microsoft Smooth Streaming protocol handling
– New Upgrade option in installer so uninstall/reinstall is not required (although this is still an option)
– Fix for HTTP header crash
– New Browser title lookup naming rule
– Microsoft Smooth streaming download quality can now be set via settings (Low/Medium/High).
– Added application/x-flv mime handling by default
– YouTube playlist instructions
– New title graphic in UI
– Remove all unicode chars from output filename before passing to ffmpeg
– Changed the word Dismiss to Close on some dialogs

Replay Media Catcher 4.3.0

– Starting Application now shows any existing instance instead of display dialog.
– Changed installer message when another version detected.
– Implemented support for DateTime AMF messages.

Replay Media Catcher 4.2.9

– Corrected end of stream detection when recording in some instances – issue.
– Changes to playlist naming rule due to changes with
– Implemented playlist naming rules when recording.
– New settings dialog – should be more usable for users on smaller screens
– Improved version check script
– Open storage from context menu now selects file
– Removed RTMP MP4 timing – no longer necessary
– Hardcoded name in installer for instrumentation