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Replay Media Catcher 4.4.1

– Registration update.
– Fixed error when recording a stream and the file already exists.
– When reprocessing a stream the original title is now used.
– Moved “Browser title naming rule” to top of the rule list in settings.

Replay Media Catcher 4.4.0

– Audio recording to MP3
– New audio recording visualization
– Fixed disable super download for live streams not sticking
– Browser title naming rule now applied before download is Q’ed
– DPI improvements
– Youtube multiple download improvements
– Changed Copyright dates
– New registration system.
– New installer and splash screen graphics

Replay Converter 4.3.2

– Changed YouTube playlist downloader to support recent YouTube changes
– Further improvements to Microsoft Smooth Streaming protocol handling
– New Upgrade option in installer so uninstall/reinstall is not required (although this is still an option)
– Fix for HTTP header crash
– New Browser title lookup naming rule
– Microsoft Smooth streaming download quality can now be set via settings (Low/Medium/High).
– Added application/x-flv mime handling by default
– YouTube playlist instructions
– New title graphic in UI
– Remove all unicode chars from output filename before passing to ffmpeg
– Changed the word Dismiss to Close on some dialogs

Replay Media Catcher 4.3.0

– Starting Application now shows any existing instance instead of display dialog.
– Changed installer message when another version detected.
– Implemented support for DateTime AMF messages.

Replay Media Catcher 4.2.9

– Corrected end of stream detection when recording in some instances – issue.
– Changes to playlist naming rule due to changes with
– Implemented playlist naming rules when recording.
– New settings dialog – should be more usable for users on smaller screens
– Improved version check script
– Open storage from context menu now selects file
– Removed RTMP MP4 timing – no longer necessary
– Hardcoded name in installer for instrumentation

Replay Media Catcher 4.2.8

RTMP Live stream detection is now a setting
Handle detection of streams with incorrect content types and no extension in url where the response is chunked and/or compressed
Handle recording of HTTP streams where the stream is chunked and/or compressed
New File > Process new streams menu option. This allows monitoring to continue so existing recordings can progress but no new streams will be detected.
Fixed Apple Audio Book conversions
Output RTMP connection and play parameters in the progress log when using external program functionality
Allow sorting of columns in all listviews in settings throughout the application
New RTMP setting to rebase timestamps to 0 on the fly.
Now handle very large RTMP streams > 2.1G
New Installer:
Will detect and remove old Windows Installer based versions of Replay Media Catcher
Automatically detects when the driver install requires a reboot and prompts the user to do so
Single installer for both x32 and x64
Optional migration of settings and history at both install and uninstall
Improved .NET detection and installation if required
Optionally automatically starts the application (if a reboot isnt required) at the end of an install
~3 MB smaller than the previous installer.
Increase the simultaneous downloads limit to 50
Fix pause/resume when client disconnects because of SWF Verification but on a subsequent disconnection no SWF Verification is received
Remove ‏ ‎ *funny* characters that are starting to appear in YouTube titles that are causing ffmpeg to fail.
Changed “Conversion Settings” to “Automatically convert downloads and recordings to” on main UI
New NDIS drivers (
Implemented secure sites for RTMP
Added instrumentation to installer
Left aligned “Copy Protected Stream Url”
Add register=1 to welcome page url if registered
Updated new version screen so that version number is displayed. New version is now only displayed if latest version is > than current
Fixed BBC createStream blocking
Changed applian icon in installer
Removed install exe name from being passed to the welcome page as no longer required
Changed Full/Recommend/Minimal install types
Changed to in RTMP secure sites default setting.
Implementation of simple duplicate naming rules.
Browser cache viewer now supports FF4
Handle RTMP secureToken flex message and start recording
Fixed naming rule issue when file name contains an extension which caused a deadlock

Replay Media Catcher 4.2.1

– Changed TagLib# acknowledgment link to new location
– Support for HTTP authorization headers –
– Implemented Clear menu item which just clears the download and doesn’t delete any files
– Improved efficiency of HTTP segmented downloads (this makes downloads from grooveshark possible again)
– Fixed YouTube fragmented downloads by removing range= from urls
– Fixed maximize which was covering taskbar
– Implement setting to limit the number of concurrent downloads – default is 5.
– Added short cut for renaming – F2
– Implementation of a Gallery view, which displays downloads with thumbnails
– Added default content types: video/webm, video/ogg and video/vnd.objectvideo
– Enhanced Smooth Streaming Support
– Implemented setting to clear the progress log when a reprocess is performed
– Implemented checkbox to not remind about updates and a check for up dates menu item added to Help menu
– Added play and open storage buttons to progress log window
– Changed EULA text size
– Added Open Storage menu option to right mouse context menu
– Implemented support for HTML meta tag for content-type when extracting Titles with foreign character sets
– Implemented jumping to the just cloned conversion setting
– Output naming rules to the progress log as they are applied
– Implemented support for sites that stream without content types and/or file extensions
– Implemented Youtube playlist downloads – Tools > Download YouTube Playlist
– Implemented support for RTMP live stream detection. Default client buffer is now used for live streams and not super download
– Implemented support for RTMP Usher Tokens. uses these.
– Used double buffering on Gallery view to reduce flicker when loading.

Replay Media Catcher 4.1.6

– RTMPT support on port 1935 (
– Copy protected content dialog
– Exposed naming rules control via settings
– Handle configuration exceptions gracefully.
– Improved error reporting for driver installation and licensing failures.
– playlist naming support
– Fixed RTMP issue with
– playlist naming support
– Added ability to change default buffer time in settings window
– MSI now written to windows temp folder and left there so it is always available.
– If install fails then FAQ window is opened in browser.
– Fixed issues with smooth streaming and H.246
– Fixed crash in Http/HttpResponse.cs
– Correctly handle duration in RTMP resumes
– Set RTMP default buffer time to 1000 instead of 8000
– New MusicDNS lib
– Update Director registry entries
– License key is now stored in a file – not registry
– f4v file extension now registered with FLV Player in RMC install.
– Some Rhapsody naming support
– Stop multiple YouTube downloads by handling the YouTube player requesting a video in segments. This is a new option available through the settings, Download Settings tab and is enabled by default.
– Ad blocking implementation. This is a new tab in the settings. It is disabled by default so that Replay Media Catcher will download everything by default.
– Fixed crash in playlist processing

Replay Media Catcher 4.1.1

– Fixed handling of incorrect content-length.
– RTMP resume implementation and super download improvements
– Fixed bug in conversion when the file ext is the same
– Ensure cant install on Windows 2000
– Warning balloon on minimize
– Added ability to pass any detected rtmp connection parameter to an external program {swfUrl} for example.
– Scheduling improvements
– Fixed issue where comma could not be in external program parameters
– Supports download where no content-type is given but the file extension is something we are interested in.
– Added content-type x-f4v

Replay Media Catcher 4.0.19

  • Fixed detection of SWF files
  • Fixed x64 installer. Now checks migration folder registry entries to take into account differences between Vista and Win7
  • Removed spaces from YouTube file names
  • Added import to itunes menu options
  • Added version and os details to log files
  • Changed delete prompt to ensure user understands files will be deleted
  • Changed prompted displayed when user enters a code to suggest they clear their cache.
  • Accept any entered key even if the user clicks “Goto demo mode” instead of clicking “Load Key”
  • Added lossless conversion presets for MKV and MP4 (Must reset conversion settings to default)