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Replay Media Catcher

– Can now cancel a conversion
– Now only takes a single click to open the main window from the task tray icon
– More debug and clearer messaging around driver installation failures

Replay Media Catcher 4.0

This new release is a complete rewrite from version 3, and includes the following enhancements:
– Downloads more sites, and adds support for protocols that use unique one-time-only URL’s.
– Live Webcam sites now capture perfectly.
– Select a conversion format right from the main screen, and have downloaded media automatically converted.
– Recordings are organized by day/week.
– New music and video search.
– New scheduler for recording live media automatically.
– New third-party plug-in architecture.
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Replay Media Catcher 3.11

– Added video history tool
– Added audio recording tool
– Fixes for YouTube captures
– New security certificates
– Accessibility improvements with shortcut keys
– New module which allows AAC converting
– Updated internal libraries to latest versions
– Minor bug fixes

Replay Media Catcher 3.02

-Update to the plug-in system which helps prevent firewall-related trouble..
-Fix for YouTube where YouTube videos will download 100% in demo mode.
-Fix for YouTube where YouTube videos won’t download twice.
-Fix for MP4 files being transferred via RTMP, they didn’t save properly before.
-Fix for miscellaneous sites that use the RTMP protocol.
-Miscellaneous interface improvements (tick marks on header control, new splash screen, alternating row colors).
-“Tips on start up” now shows up properly.
-HTTP files are now renamed by browser window (toggle in HTTP Plug-in settings).
-FLVToMP3 tool updated to tell user if there are no MP3 frames in an FLV and what they should do about it.
-Many smaller updates and bug fixes.

Replay Media Catcher Supplemental

– Now includes a cool new file conversion tool, accessed right within Replay Media Catcher. No download is necessary – this tool installs itself when you open Replay Media Catcher.