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Replay Media Splitter 2.2.1210.9


  • Mask for advanced naming of output files
  • New stylized preferences dialog
  • Drag & drop of output/input files specified in the Information window


  • Negative time on the timeline after MP4 trimming
  • Unable to join WMV files with hangs
  • Crashing on the next trimming attempt after “Destination File couldn’t be set” error
  • Wrong appearance of “No selected intervals” message on trimming
  • Artifacts on WMV file trimming
  • Hanging on batch splitting of MP4 files
  • “Error hr = 0x80004005″on MP4 file editing
  • “File is not supported or damaged” message on MP3 file editing
  • Timeline doesn’t update (becomes grey on some operation processing)
  • Crashing on thumbnail building
  • Double positioning while navigation during MKV file playback
  • Hotkeys don’t work when the modal window is opened
  • Hangs and crashes on marker setting
  • Marker doesn’t react to time window
  • Crashing on MP4 file opening
  • Audio begins to play on the stop status of playback when move the slider

Replay Media Splitter 2.2.1207.12

– Fixed jerking video playback when insert the audio silence in AVI files containing MP3 audio with variable nitrate
– Fixed crash when opening MOV files of long duration containing PCM audio
– Fixed hang while trimming some MP4 files
– Fixed errors and hang with function calculating the size of the output file

Replay Media Splitter 2.2

– Fixed registration issue that might require re-entering of activation code.
– Fixed issue where trimming avid file with vbr mp3 audio would cause application to hang.
– Fixed issue where quicktime player would not play trimmed and joined mov files with aac audio.

Replay Media Splitter 1.9.1012.13

  • fixes not the same size of output with the same selected interval on wmv files.
  • dropping frames bugfix on wmv files
  • audio distortion of trimmed output on some wmv files.
  • regressive bugfix – frame accuracy enabled by default.