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Replay Media Splitter

– Fixed an issue where some ASF files would edit with choppy audio and/or video.
– Fixed an issue where sometimes the middle segment of split files would remain in the edited version.

Replay Media Splitter 1.5

Added small up/down arrows to time edit boxes to control scroll slider cursor and markers by mouse.
Added Preferences with ability to assign new shortcuts and save them to profiles.
Added Edit->Undo Redo ability.
Added Tools->Actions History. Interlinked with undo/redo.
Various bug fixes

Replay Media Splitter 1.4

– Fixed bug with “Source file is not supported or damaged” error message when splitting MP3 files.
– Fixed bug with tiny audio noise between fragments while DV AVI editing.
– Fixed bug “Jump Cursor To Marker” in context menu
– Fixed problem with video files to have dimensions when width is less then height. (no picture were shown, just black screen)

Replay Media Splitter 1.3

– Some missing ASF metadata now copying from source file to destination file.
– Fixed issue wtith marker not matching with slider.
– Fixed incorrect program behavior when opening .mp3 files and moving slider (such as spontaneous playing and so on).
– Fixed issue of sometimes when moving previous or next K-frame slider moves at wrong position
– Foxed issue of sometimes when copy time from clipboard to the time calculator, to the navigation edit box or to the marker position edit box time is copied incorrect.
– Fixed high CPU usage when splitting some WMV files.
– Fixed lost audio data problem when splitting some files.
– Problem with the installed Haali Media Slpitter (KLite Codec Pack) with AVI support was fixed. Previous version returned “Input file has not been set properly or damaged (The parameter is incorrect. hr = 0x80070057)” Error if Haali was installed.
– Added WMSP1 (“Windows Media Audio 9 Voice”) audio stream recognition.
– Added MSS2 (“Windows Media Video 9 Screen”) video stream recognition.