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Replay Music 6.0

  • Can now record to M4a, WMA, OGG and FLAC
  • Can now tag M4a, WMA, OGG and FLAC
  • New user interface design and new program icon
  • Fixed a bug where the the Windows Media Player plugins were not being installed properly in Windows Media Player.
  • Tags can now be cleared when a user leaves a tag field blank in the Edit dialog box.
  • Now works better with Bitdefender.
  • Runs better in XP.
  • Now activates the track context menu in the track list when the track list has focus and the Application key or Enter key is pressed.
  • No longer exits when the ESC key is pressed.
  • Now correctly tabs over to all the main screen controls and activates the proper button control when the Enter key is pressed.
  • All column sorting keyboard shortcuts have been eliminated because they could interfere with other program keyboard shortcuts.
  • All controls in the Setting dialog box are now accessible with the tab key.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Replay Music 5.60

  • Fixes a bug that could cause Replay Music to crash during long recordings on Windows 8.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Replay Music 5.55

  • Improved the Win Audio Driver – Now the audio driver will record normally even if the user’s speaker configuration is set greater than 2 channels – for instance if it’s set to quadraphonic, or surround sound.
  • Added better diagnostic logging during the song recognition process.
  • “Reset” button now properly grays out when it is disabled.
  • Track item(s) remains selected making it easier to move up and down tracks in the track list.

Replay Music 5.50

  • Improved Win Audio Driver. This new driver should eliminate skipping and static.
  • Fixed a bug in the Recording folder setting. Users can now change the recording folder in the settings to point to folders that contain special characters (Unicode).
  • Better track recognition logging. There is now a new log file that is dedicated only to track recognition.
  • Better track splitting when using the Win Audio Driver.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Replay Music 5.45

  • Improved “Open Browser to Record” messaging.
  • Improved writing of sequence number to file name.
  • Improved recording when using the Win Audio Driver.

Replay Music 5.40

  • Can now add the sequence number to the recorded file name by using the %s option.
  • Duplicate file names are no longer recorded over. For example if a duplicate is found a (2) is appended to the end of the file name.
  • “Windows Audio Driver” is now the default driver, except for Windows XP users who do not have the “Windows Audio Driver” option and so the “Audio Driver” is their default.
  • Users that use Firefox to record audio no longer need to worry about what Flash version they have when using the “Audio Driver”.
  • Instructions now show how to turn off the system sounds if “Windows Audio Driver” is selected so system sounds are not recorded.
  • Fixed a bug where Replay Music would no longer record if an illegal file name character is entered in the “Album” field.
  • Fixed a bug where Replay Music would stop recording if a Unicode character appeared in a recorded file name when recording to the WAV format.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Replay Music 5.30

  • Added a customized browser ideal when recording with the “Audio Driver”.
  • Added a “Record from Browser” setting which allows a user to either select the Replay Music customized browser or the user’s default browser.
  • If the “Record from Browser” setting is selected Replay Music will automatically check if any other browsers are open, and if not will automatically open the user’s preferred browser. This ensures that Replay Music is opened before a browser and allow the “Audio Driver” to work properly.
  • When the browser is opened, Replay Music now checks to make sure that a compatible Flash version is installed for the “Audio Driver”. And if not, Replay Music will direct the user to the proper place to install it.
  • ixed some registration bugs.

Replay Music 5.20

  • Updated tagging system. Fixed a bug where sometimes some metadata wouldn’t save properly in MP3s.
  • If user’s sound system is not set up properly they will be warned on how to fix it.
  • Fixed a bug that some XP users were having regarding the MP3 encoder.
  • Replay Music for XP users will now launch from Director.
  • Replay Music for XP users will now launch from the “Launch” button in the installer.
  • Added a new input source option for Vista and Win7 users named “Auto” that automatically chooses the best driver for recording from your sound card.
  • Added the Flash Player install link to the hints for users who are having problems with the “Audio Driver”.
  • Users are now able to right click on the Edit metadata fields and select “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste”, “Select All”
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Replay Music 5.0

– Improved tagging. Faster and more accurate. Now only needs about 90 seconds of a song in order to tag.
– Will now tag tracks in any language supported by the Operating System.
– Manually editing a track sends the tag information to the database for updating.
– New and improved registration system.