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Replay Music 5.0

– Improved tagging. Faster and more accurate. Now only needs about 90 seconds of a song in order to tag.
– Will now tag tracks in any language supported by the Operating System.
– Manually editing a track sends the tag information to the database for updating.
– New and improved registration system.

Replay Music 4.40

– Improved Windows Audio Driver.
– Now works with Google Chrome.
– Added option to choose from two different tagging methods – Using GENPUID and not using GENPUID.
– Fixed a Variable Bit Rate recording bug.
– New registration system.

Replay Music 4.0

– New user interface
– Added another audio driver option called “Windows Audio Driver” which uses the core audio libraries included in Vista and Win7. Users who have a difficulty with the original audio driver should use this option, for instance if they don’t get a signal or experience skipping. This option is only available for Vista and Win7 users.
– MP3 files are now tagged with album art.
– Album art can also be edited in Replay Music’s edit dialog.
– Added an “Open folder” option that can be used when a user right clicks on a recorded track.
– Added new entries in the hints which explains about the new driver and album art tagging capability.
– “Tag with Template” feature has been enhanced to improve track tagging.
– Bug fixes.

Replay Music 3.97

– Removes extra spaces when entering registration code.
– Fixed bug in “always use” setting of artist, album and genre for a recording session.
– Resolves issue in counting demo tracks.

Replay Music 3.95

– improved tagging
– Added a volume normalizing feature to the output settings and the right-click context menu. Users can now normalize volume during recording, or import MP3’s to normalize.