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Replay Music 3.97

– Removes extra spaces when entering registration code.
– Fixed bug in “always use” setting of artist, album and genre for a recording session.
– Resolves issue in counting demo tracks.

Replay Music 3.95

– improved tagging
– Added a volume normalizing feature to the output settings and the right-click context menu. Users can now normalize volume during recording, or import MP3’s to normalize.

Replay Music 3.94

– Fixes internet connection related errors. Especially those with satellite internet service.
– Can now record from external devices including USB devices.
– Default splitting settings automatically adjust based upon chosen import source.

Replay Music 3.93

– Added new setting allowing the user to sent the number of tag re-try attempts after the recording session. This improves tagging accuracy.

Replay Music 3.91

– Improved track recognition.
– Now provides a hint prompting user to try tagging again.
– Better error messaging when unable to connect to server.
– Faster improved conversion process.

Replay Music 3.90

– Added ability to import already recorded MP3 files into the track list for re-tagging or editing of track information.
– Added tag with template feature to allow Replay Music to get track tags from the browser title bar from sites that print track data in the browser title.
– Added warning message on recording start if Replay Music’s settings contain an invalid recordings folder location.
– Updated hints
– Fixed refresh issues
– Fixed minor bugs

Replay Music 3.8

– New registration screen.
– Fixed bug where sometimes a crash would occur if firewall or proxy server is blocking Replay Music.
– Better proxy server support.

Replay Music 3.75

– Added a new internet connection interface.
– Fixed misc bugs that sometimes caused crashes.
– Added “Buy Now” and “Upgrade Deals” buttons to the “About” box.
– Add the new icon, new registration screen and new splash screen.