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Replay Music 3.75

– Added a new internet connection interface.
– Fixed misc bugs that sometimes caused crashes.
– Added “Buy Now” and “Upgrade Deals” buttons to the “About” box.
– Add the new icon, new registration screen and new splash screen.

Replay Music 3.72

– Fixed a bug where Replay Music files seemed to skip when recorded from certain websites.
– Fixed a bug where sometimes songs recorded at the wrong speed.
– Other minor bug fixes

Replay Music 3.70

– Added new feature that allows saving and opening recording sessions to continue recording or to re-tag previously unrecognized tracks.
– Can now edit tracks before burning to CD, if a user selects the “Burn to Data CD” or “Burn to audio CD” options in Replay Music’s settings.
– Fixed a bug where sometimes a song would record a zero time length or show a strange recording time.
– Integrated an updated recognition system from Amplified Music Services (formerly MusicIP technology) which should give better recognition results.
– Minor bug fixes.

Replay Music 3.60

– Added ability to try tagging again, tracks that were not tagged during the recording session. After a recording session is stopped, Replay Music will try to tag all songs that were not tagged the first time.
– “Tag Song” option in right-click menu to re-try tagging an individual track or tracks.
– Fixed bug regarding moving tracks up and down the list.

Replay Music 3.56

– Fixed a registration code problem where a false “expired code” error was appearing for some users.

Replay Music 3.55

– Uses the new CD/DVD burn functionality.
– Fixed a transfer to iTunes bug.
– Fixed a bug with the validate registration buffer

Replay Music 3.50

– Improved CD burning.
– The volume unit meter has been changed to better show the intensity of an audio signal.
– Added a open log file folder button to the settings.
– Added ability edit the album year tag.
– Added a button to the “Start Recording Session” dialog box that opens up a user’s browser. When recording from a website a user should always use this button.
– Replay Music now always asks to run in admin mode when a user has the UAC on. This allows for successful recordings when the UAC is on.
– Added the MusicIP reference link to the “About” box.
– Various bug fixes for stability

Replay Music 3.45

– No longer shows an occasional erroneous message that an update is ready to download.
– Fixed WAV time of recording bug. When recording to WAV files, now the proper time length is reported
– Fixed stop recording after X minutes bug. Replay Music will now properly stop after recording an amount of minutes as listed in that Replay Music setting.
– Added a recording volume control in the “Output” tab in Replay Music’s settings. This helps customers lower or raise the volume in their recordings.
– Faster conversions after making a recording.
– Smoother transition when Replay Music identifies and converts files so there shouldn’t be anymore skips in recordings.
– There will be no more excess silence at the beginning of recordings.
– Improved the song recognition success rate.

Replay Music 3.35

– Fixed extra 5 seconds of silence at end of tracks when recording from Rhapsody