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Replay Music 3.10

– Now supports Windows Vista.
– No longer uses a sound card driver. Will now work with any sound card.
– Fixed error when shutting down windows sometimes.
– Can burn directly to CD from any recording session.
– An “Enter Registration Code” button now included in settings for people who need to re-register Replay Music.
– New user interface.

Replay Music 2.51

– Made a fix for uploading playlists.
– Improved EXE file data integrity checking to eliminate false positives.

Replay Music 2.5

– Improved recognition engine.
– Fixed m3u playlist feature.
– Better recognition support for LaunchCast and Yahoo Music engine.
– Added a new setting to add leading zeros to track number in the file name for better file sorting.
– Removed Eliminate Similar tracks functionality since it caused too many errors.
– Added capability of users to record offline if they uncheck the Auto tagging setting. (Only for registered users).
– Added “Always tag with Artist name” and “Always tag with Album name” check boxes which correspond to text boxes in the “Start Recording Session” dialog box, so if Replay Music is not able to identify a song, then artist name and album name will already be tagged correctly.
– Changed name of Replay Music log file to ReplayMusicLog.log so users can find the log file more easily.
– Added a specialized Replay Music playlist feature – customers can import a playlist text file in the order of song, artist, and album delimited with a “|” for better song recognition. Each line of the file would correspond to the order of songs played.

Replay Music 2.4

  • “Split now” button now operates correctly when “Do not split” option is selected.
  • Corrected illegal character bug in assigning folder names.
  • New feature: Transfer tracks to Windows Media Player.
  • New option to recognize tracks after a recording session.
  • Fixed bug when recording to different bit rates.
  • Added capability to pre-load Playlists (rpl,m3u,pls formats) for better recognition.
  • Fixed a duplicate track detection bug.
  • Added CBR and VBR MP3 recording capability.
  • Added a right click pop-up menu that allows you to Edit Track(s), Delete Track(s) or Move Track(s) to the format directory.

Replay Music 2.31

  • Improved internet connection detection.
  • Fixed bug that caused Replay Music to freeze or crash sometimes
    when using Windows Media Player.
  • Tab order in "Start Recording Session" is now correct.
  • New icon.

Replay Music 2.3

  • Better recognition for Yahoo LaunchCast and MusicMatch.
  • Fixed bug where in a multiple edit the album tag now always
    gets updated.
  • Fixed bug where in multiple edit the album file name now always
    gets updated.
  • Fixed directory format bug where Replay Music creates the
    correct directories and should no longer get the "Could
    not create MP3 or WAV file because directory does not exist."
  • New icon.
  • Changed to more readable font for messages.
  • Proxy settings remain in proxy text boxes even if a user unclicks
    that they no longer have a proxy.
  • Fixed multiple editing bug where if a track still existed
    it will no longer say that the track could not be found.
  • Improved iTunes interface.
  • Added command line capability. For example: ReplayMusic.exe
    dur=60 album="Best of Rolling Stones" where dur is
    the duration in minutes and album is the album name and folder
    songs will be stored.
  • Sequence numbers and Track numbers are now numerically sorted.

Replay Music 2.2

  • Added new sortable track number and sequence number columns
    to song list window.
  • Added new silver GUI skin.
  • Added "Split now" button.
  • Added track number option for file formatting.
  • Added directory formatting found in the start new session
  • Fixed bug where if a user uses burn audio CD with 80 minutes
    setting, and if they go to another setting such as Record to
    MP3 that the 80 minute setting is cleared.
  • Proxy settings are now all encrypted.
  • F1 key is now disabled so help file not found message does
    not appear anymore.
  • Fixed "Replay Music does not detect internet connection" message
    that periodically appeared.
  • Fixed multiple edit bug that displayed a message that a song
    already existed when it didn’t.

Replay Music 2.1

  • Added an input volume control.
  • Added a "No split" option.
  • Added an "Artist" input text box in the "Start Recording Session" dialog box for better track recognition.
  • Updated the song recognition system for better accuracy.
  • Eliminated errors when shutting down computer.
  • Demo version should no longer occasionally say you have no more tracks left to record in error.
  • Fixed mis-splitting bug for recording from an external device such as using the "Line-in".
  • Fixed recognition bug where sometimes Replay Music would identify a song that was already identified before.

Replay Music 2.01

  • New tracks now always go to the bottom of the list.
  • Play Track now shows media player.
  • Improved recognition success rate.
  • Fixed timed recording bug
  • Fixed record to Audio CD 80 minute max bug.
  • Added tabs to the settings dialog (helpful for 800×600 resolution displays).
  • The Registration dialog is now accessible for screen reader programs for visually impaired users.
  • Added new keystroke shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+T accelerator used to sort title column, Ctrl+Alt+A accelerator used to sort Artist column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A accelerator used to sort Album column, Ctrl+Alt+G used to sort Genre column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T used to sort time column.