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Replay Music 3.50

– Improved CD burning.
– The volume unit meter has been changed to better show the intensity of an audio signal.
– Added a open log file folder button to the settings.
– Added ability edit the album year tag.
– Added a button to the “Start Recording Session” dialog box that opens up a user’s browser. When recording from a website a user should always use this button.
– Replay Music now always asks to run in admin mode when a user has the UAC on. This allows for successful recordings when the UAC is on.
– Added the MusicIP reference link to the “About” box.
– Various bug fixes for stability

Replay Music 3.45

– No longer shows an occasional erroneous message that an update is ready to download.
– Fixed WAV time of recording bug. When recording to WAV files, now the proper time length is reported
– Fixed stop recording after X minutes bug. Replay Music will now properly stop after recording an amount of minutes as listed in that Replay Music setting.
– Added a recording volume control in the “Output” tab in Replay Music’s settings. This helps customers lower or raise the volume in their recordings.
– Faster conversions after making a recording.
– Smoother transition when Replay Music identifies and converts files so there shouldn’t be anymore skips in recordings.
– There will be no more excess silence at the beginning of recordings.
– Improved the song recognition success rate.

Replay Music 3.35

– Fixed extra 5 seconds of silence at end of tracks when recording from Rhapsody

Replay Music 3.30

– Improved song recognition for Launchcast and Yahoo Music.
– Now locks into one source so that other applications can’t interfere with a recording. The locked source is now displayed in Replay Music’s status area.
– Fixed zero time recordings from the interference of other applications.
– This version is more stable.

Replay Music 3.20

– Improved accessibility. Can now use Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab to navigate through settings.
– Improved stability.
– Improved iTunes and Windows Media Player transfers.
– Added more detail to log entries.

Replay Music 3.15

– Improved program stability.
– New “pending” status message during recording process.
– Improved program settings accessibility.
– Updated splash screen.
– Added hint defining keyboard shortcuts.

Replay Music 3.10

– Now supports Windows Vista.
– No longer uses a sound card driver. Will now work with any sound card.
– Fixed error when shutting down windows sometimes.
– Can burn directly to CD from any recording session.
– An “Enter Registration Code” button now included in settings for people who need to re-register Replay Music.
– New user interface.

Replay Music 2.51

– Made a fix for uploading playlists.
– Improved EXE file data integrity checking to eliminate false positives.

Replay Music 2.5

– Improved recognition engine.
– Fixed m3u playlist feature.
– Better recognition support for LaunchCast and Yahoo Music engine.
– Added a new setting to add leading zeros to track number in the file name for better file sorting.
– Removed Eliminate Similar tracks functionality since it caused too many errors.
– Added capability of users to record offline if they uncheck the Auto tagging setting. (Only for registered users).
– Added “Always tag with Artist name” and “Always tag with Album name” check boxes which correspond to text boxes in the “Start Recording Session” dialog box, so if Replay Music is not able to identify a song, then artist name and album name will already be tagged correctly.
– Changed name of Replay Music log file to ReplayMusicLog.log so users can find the log file more easily.
– Added a specialized Replay Music playlist feature – customers can import a playlist text file in the order of song, artist, and album delimited with a “|” for better song recognition. Each line of the file would correspond to the order of songs played.