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Replay Music 2.4

  • “Split now” button now operates correctly when “Do not split” option is selected.
  • Corrected illegal character bug in assigning folder names.
  • New feature: Transfer tracks to Windows Media Player.
  • New option to recognize tracks after a recording session.
  • Fixed bug when recording to different bit rates.
  • Added capability to pre-load Playlists (rpl,m3u,pls formats) for better recognition.
  • Fixed a duplicate track detection bug.
  • Added CBR and VBR MP3 recording capability.
  • Added a right click pop-up menu that allows you to Edit Track(s), Delete Track(s) or Move Track(s) to the format directory.

Replay Music 2.31

  • Improved internet connection detection.
  • Fixed bug that caused Replay Music to freeze or crash sometimes
    when using Windows Media Player.
  • Tab order in "Start Recording Session" is now correct.
  • New icon.

Replay Music 2.3

  • Better recognition for Yahoo LaunchCast and MusicMatch.
  • Fixed bug where in a multiple edit the album tag now always
    gets updated.
  • Fixed bug where in multiple edit the album file name now always
    gets updated.
  • Fixed directory format bug where Replay Music creates the
    correct directories and should no longer get the "Could
    not create MP3 or WAV file because directory does not exist."
  • New icon.
  • Changed to more readable font for messages.
  • Proxy settings remain in proxy text boxes even if a user unclicks
    that they no longer have a proxy.
  • Fixed multiple editing bug where if a track still existed
    it will no longer say that the track could not be found.
  • Improved iTunes interface.
  • Added command line capability. For example: ReplayMusic.exe
    dur=60 album="Best of Rolling Stones" where dur is
    the duration in minutes and album is the album name and folder
    songs will be stored.
  • Sequence numbers and Track numbers are now numerically sorted.

Replay Music 2.2

  • Added new sortable track number and sequence number columns
    to song list window.
  • Added new silver GUI skin.
  • Added "Split now" button.
  • Added track number option for file formatting.
  • Added directory formatting found in the start new session
  • Fixed bug where if a user uses burn audio CD with 80 minutes
    setting, and if they go to another setting such as Record to
    MP3 that the 80 minute setting is cleared.
  • Proxy settings are now all encrypted.
  • F1 key is now disabled so help file not found message does
    not appear anymore.
  • Fixed "Replay Music does not detect internet connection" message
    that periodically appeared.
  • Fixed multiple edit bug that displayed a message that a song
    already existed when it didn’t.

Replay Music 2.1

  • Added an input volume control.
  • Added a "No split" option.
  • Added an "Artist" input text box in the "Start Recording Session" dialog box for better track recognition.
  • Updated the song recognition system for better accuracy.
  • Eliminated errors when shutting down computer.
  • Demo version should no longer occasionally say you have no more tracks left to record in error.
  • Fixed mis-splitting bug for recording from an external device such as using the "Line-in".
  • Fixed recognition bug where sometimes Replay Music would identify a song that was already identified before.

Replay Music 2.01

  • New tracks now always go to the bottom of the list.
  • Play Track now shows media player.
  • Improved recognition success rate.
  • Fixed timed recording bug
  • Fixed record to Audio CD 80 minute max bug.
  • Added tabs to the settings dialog (helpful for 800×600 resolution displays).
  • The Registration dialog is now accessible for screen reader programs for visually impaired users.
  • Added new keystroke shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+T accelerator used to sort title column, Ctrl+Alt+A accelerator used to sort Artist column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A accelerator used to sort Album column, Ctrl+Alt+G used to sort Genre column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T used to sort time column.

Replay Music 2.0

  • Allows for unlimited tagging. No more limit of 5000 songs.
  • Improved song recognition database.
  • Can move tracks up and down in the list.
  • Can sort tracks by clicking on column headers.
  • Adds album and genre information to songs.
  • Use Replay Music 2.0 on more than one PC.
  • Customize the file naming format.
  • Ctrl+A selects all tracks.
  • Added option to turn automatic tagging off.


Replay Music 1.05

  • Control-R key now starts and stops recordings.
  • Improved recognition in WinAmp and MusicMatch On Demand.
  • Can now edit album track numbers.
  • Selections remain highlighted when editing a track.

Replay Music 1.04

  • Added the ability to specify Genre in the track tags.
  • Now records directly to WAV files as an option.