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Replay Radio 5.0

This major upgrade has a host of enhancements.
If you purchased Replay Radio before April 15, 2004, then you’ll
need to purchase the upgrade from here.

  • Changed to more reliable, driver-less recording system with
    no side-effects.
  • Major usability enhancements, including a snazzy new look.
  • Settings and Edit Show dialogs are better organized.
  • MP3 output quality is better than ever.
  • Recording from Line In and Microphone now converts to MP3 on-the-fly.
  • Advanced recording options like dead air elimination are available
    for Line In and Microphone as well.
  • Gives a warning message when a scheduling conflict is detected.
  • Added move up and move down buttons to better organize the list
    of shows.
  • The Scheduled Shows list can be sorted by name or time of next
  • Genre tag in MP3 files is now set to “other” — was “Blues”
  • Can now force a specific player to appear using a path name
    in the feed URL,
    i.e.: “C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe” “mms://”
  • Added Replay Tuner for cleaner tuning.
  • The process for adding shows and stations is more intuitive.
  • Added the track number to MP3 file tags.
  • When naming files, the track number now appears just before
    the .mp3 or .wav suffix — this makes sorting shows by filename
  • Now makes .m3u playlist files for multiple track sessions.
  • Wakes up your PC from standby or hibernation mode 30 seconds
    before a scheduled recording session.
  • New option to do splits at specified minutes past the hour.
  • The tray icon changes when recording.
  • Made URL field 512 characters long for super-long recording
  • Can now pick several files to play or burn to CDs.
  • Now makes both audio and MP3 data CDs.
  • Now adds tracks to iTunes in the background and more reliably.
  • Traps some tuning errors when IE browser is not set as default.
  • Choosing folders is improved.
  • CRN recordings now work OK.
  • Initial setup uses a wizard process.
  • Added a Do Not Record output option.

Replay Radio 4.13

  • Sometimes Windows Media Player or Real Player wouldn’t close
    after a recording ends — now fixed.

Replay Radio 4.12

  • “Type mismatch” error should no longer occur in rare cases when
    burning CDs.
  • Log messages now show the correct units (seconds vs. milliseconds)

Replay Radio 4.11

  • Fixed problems with some recordings not using the Sound
    Card Driver recording source.

Replay Radio 4.1

  • Added visual indicator of recording (VU meter).
  • Added “Always tune with Windows Media Player” option to help
    with occasional tuning issues.
  • AM Quality now works better on Pocket PC player, back to 7Mb/hr.
  • Updated CD Burner module for PCs with two CD Burners.
  • Christian Netcast player window now closes after recording.
  • Surfer Network player now closes as after recording.
  • Added help for MusicMatch configuration.
  • Shows a warning when a recording failed.
  • Manually stopping a scheduled recording no longer automatically
    disconnects on dial-up modems.

Replay Radio 4.03

  • Added option in Quick record and Show Scheduler to add tracks
    to iTunes for syncing to iPod.
  • Artist tag in saved MP3 files is now “0_Replay Radio” so that
    it appears at the top of the list of artists.
  • Album tag is now added to MP3 files — this is the name of the
    scheduled or quick-recorded show.
  • CD Burner sometimes failed to recognize drives on PCs with
    multiple burners.
  • Real Media Player Classic should now close properly after recording
    has finished.