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Replay Radio 4.03

  • Added option in Quick record and Show Scheduler to add tracks
    to iTunes for syncing to iPod.
  • Artist tag in saved MP3 files is now “0_Replay Radio” so that
    it appears at the top of the list of artists.
  • Album tag is now added to MP3 files — this is the name of the
    scheduled or quick-recorded show.
  • CD Burner sometimes failed to recognize drives on PCs with
    multiple burners.
  • Real Media Player Classic should now close properly after recording
    has finished.

Replay Radio 4.02

  • Tracks are now numbered 01, 02 so that file sorting works properly.
  • AM Quality is better, but now requires 10Mb/hour.
  • Fixed: split by time sometimes wouldn’t save last segment.
  • AOL radio and other 8 bit feeds now record properly and don’t
  • Added support for burning to DVD/CD drives (like Pioneer, Plextor,
    and TDK).
  • Background of status message and timer now always looks right.
  • Illegal filename characters in custom naming no longer causes
    MP3 file saves to fail.
  • Quality settings and other recording settings are now in LOG
  • Burning CDs from View Recordings menu now fixed.
  • Fixed occasional crashes that would occur when system sounds
  • Custom quality option can never be set if custom.bat exists,
    even if it was set previously.

Replay Radio 4.01

  • CD Burner no longer requires you to specify CD-R vs. CD-RW media.
  • WinAmp 3 now closes properly after a scheduled recording.

Replay Radio 4.0

This major release has the ability to make separate
tracks from playlists and commercial free music stations, the ability
to split long shows into separate files, and customize how shows
are named. There are some bug fixes and general polishing as well.
Here’s the details:

  • Added automatic track splitting after a period of silence. (Great
    for recording commercial free music radio!)
  • Added a custom setting for eliminating dead air.
  • Replay Radio can now automatically splits tracks at an interval
    set by the user. Useful for breaking up long shows.
  • New CD Burner module has better compatibility and 3 new options
    for recording.
  • Added the ability to customize how files are named.
  • Replay Radio drivers are now active only when Replay Radio is
    open. Previously, some games or other programs couldn’t run after
    installing Replay Radio.
  • Added a “1X” indicator to one-time shows in the show list.
  • Added a hint for QuickTime/iTunes configuration on first time
  • In the pick show and pick station screens, double clicking a
    station or show automatically selects it.
  • Added save last track option in Quick Record (for recording
    complete tracks in commercial free radio).
  • Creating CDs with multiple tracks saves each track separately,
    like a real audio CD.
  • Splash and registration screens no longer show extra gray space
    with large fonts enabled.
  • Added album tag to MP3 files, in case of renaming issues.
  • Replay Player is now a part of the Replay Radio installer.
  • Fixed bug: elapsed time counter would sometimes be inaccurate
    on a very busy PC.
  • Aborting recording early during the Tuning process now updates
    the recording schedule properly.
  • Aborting a recording now shows a proper status message when
    editing the show.
  • Rare case where two instances of Replay Radio appear when rebooting
    no longer happens after changing settings.
  • SurferNETWORK player should now close after recording session
  • Now handles blank show names or illegal characters in show names
  • The maximum recording time in demo mode is now 3 minutes.

Replay Radio 3.31

  • Fixed a bug whereby recording high quality WAV
    files caused a crash.
  • Fixed a problem recording some Stream Audio

Replay Radio 3.3

  • Added On the fly encoding for MP3 and WAV files
    recorded using Sound Card driver. This makes file appear almost
    immediately after recording.
  • Added a warning for Radio
    and Replay Radio running simultaneously. Replay Radio
    won’t run if Radio
    is running.
  • Added support for Network Proxy servers for
    downloading updated show and station lists.
  • Now gives error or success message when updating
    the list of shows and stations.
  • Added a setting to set the time for automatic
    retuning after periods of silence.
  • Added a FIND option to Pick Show or Pick Station
  • Start when windows starts option now
    friendlier to multi user XP systems — only goes into effect for
    current user.
  • Eliminated the delay when starting a Quick Record.
  • Extra temp files are now removed when recording
    using sound card driver.
  • Sound Card Driver now appears as the
    default Recording Source on first use.

WMR RMR 3.22

  • Sound Card Driver recording source now installs
    more reliably.
  • Quick Record status messages now show name of
    current recording.
  • Added more status messages for monitoring the
    conversion process.
  • Fudge factor on quick record reduced from extra
    30 seconds to extra 10 seconds.

Replay Radio 3.21

  • Changed some default settings.
  • Uninstall now closes Replay Radio app. Some
    customers complained that Replay Radio wasn’t uninstalling.
  • Made installer easier to use.

Replay Radio 3.2

  • Added Settings option to encode MP3s in foreground
    or background. Some users complained of excessively long encode
  • Don’t Record option now properly grays unused
  • A manually terminated recording no longer restarts
  • The list of shows or stations is no longer erased
    on an error reloading the latest list
  • Daylight savings time changes no longer disrupt
    the schedule.
  • Added Custom encoding option.
  • Ending a Quick Record no longer terminates a
    dial-up connection.
  • Ending Quick Record doesn’t close the media
    player anymore.
  • Added a recording hours/minutes/seconds counter.
  • Improved status messages display.

Replay Radio 3.11

  • Adding a Direct Download show now displays a
    change to the recording source.