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Replay Radio 3.31

  • Fixed a bug whereby recording high quality WAV
    files caused a crash.
  • Fixed a problem recording some Stream Audio

Replay Radio 3.3

  • Added On the fly encoding for MP3 and WAV files
    recorded using Sound Card driver. This makes file appear almost
    immediately after recording.
  • Added a warning for Radio
    and Replay Radio running simultaneously. Replay Radio
    won’t run if Radio
    is running.
  • Added support for Network Proxy servers for
    downloading updated show and station lists.
  • Now gives error or success message when updating
    the list of shows and stations.
  • Added a setting to set the time for automatic
    retuning after periods of silence.
  • Added a FIND option to Pick Show or Pick Station
  • Start when windows starts option now
    friendlier to multi user XP systems — only goes into effect for
    current user.
  • Eliminated the delay when starting a Quick Record.
  • Extra temp files are now removed when recording
    using sound card driver.
  • Sound Card Driver now appears as the
    default Recording Source on first use.

WMR RMR 3.22

  • Sound Card Driver recording source now installs
    more reliably.
  • Quick Record status messages now show name of
    current recording.
  • Added more status messages for monitoring the
    conversion process.
  • Fudge factor on quick record reduced from extra
    30 seconds to extra 10 seconds.

Replay Radio 3.21

  • Changed some default settings.
  • Uninstall now closes Replay Radio app. Some
    customers complained that Replay Radio wasn’t uninstalling.
  • Made installer easier to use.

Replay Radio 3.2

  • Added Settings option to encode MP3s in foreground
    or background. Some users complained of excessively long encode
  • Don’t Record option now properly grays unused
  • A manually terminated recording no longer restarts
  • The list of shows or stations is no longer erased
    on an error reloading the latest list
  • Daylight savings time changes no longer disrupt
    the schedule.
  • Added Custom encoding option.
  • Ending a Quick Record no longer terminates a
    dial-up connection.
  • Ending Quick Record doesn’t close the media
    player anymore.
  • Added a recording hours/minutes/seconds counter.
  • Improved status messages display.

Replay Radio 3.11

  • Adding a Direct Download show now displays a
    change to the recording source.

Replay Radio 3.1

  • Added Mute While Recording option.
  • Handles low disk space issues better.
  • Added more record options, including a second
    method of record from the internet.
  • Internet connection error messages fixed.
  • Two shows with the same name recorded on the
    same day no longer overwrite each other.
  • Fixed XP task bar icon disappearing problem.
  • Record Now automatically goes for 5 hours.
    Previously it would often end early.
  • Installer now copies supporting files for CD
    Burner setup.
  • Installer OPTIONALLY adds sound card driver.
    Some customers have had problems with the Replay Radio sound driver,
    and so it’s no longer required.
  • Now closes streamaudio windows after recording
  • View Recordings dialog shows which recording
    is being shown, and now has a View All button.
  • Added Direct Download option.
  • MP3 encoding uses less system resources.
  • Add/Edit show dialog no longer hides the bottom
    OK and Cancel buttons on 800×600 displays.

Replay Radio 3.05

  • Sony Clie devices and other finicky MP3 players
    now supported when creating FM or CD Quality MP3 files.
  • Fixed bug where selecting Eliminate Dead Air
    made WAV files appear instead of MP3 files.
  • Selecting WAV files as output no longer forces
    Eliminate Dead Air option.

Replay Radio 3.04

  • Fixed Mic/Line In recording for burning to CD
    and saving to WAV format
  • Added Eliminate Dead Air option (useful for
    recording Police Scanners)

Replay Radio 3.02

  • Added interface for Webmasters to load shows
    from a Web site.
  • Tab order in dialogs now works as expected.
  • Some registration codes from distributors weren’t
    accepted, but are now.
  • Manually stopping a recording now asks whether
    or not to save it. Record Now option requires this.