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Replay Video Capture

Minor bugs fixed

  • (Audio) option when scheduling recording of Internet radio websites
  • Click position for scheduling recording movies requiring a mouse click to start playing
  • Beeps button on RVC main screen

Replay Video Capture

  • Windows 11 compatibility
    This version addresses primarily Windows 11 compatibility especially when recording from different web browsers. Replay Video Capture has always insured compatibility with all Windows versions and all computer configurations. Whether you’re using a superclass or an old clunker computer you’ll always get high quality recordings when capturing streaming movies or other Internet video/audio broadcasts.
  • Improved audio setup
    More resources added for checking the computer audio including properties and functionality of the audio sources. This is necessary especially when external audio sources like Bluetooth and USB are used which sometimes give false information about their operation.
  • New improved scheduler version
    Scheduled audio recordings are now possible which can be used to schedule recordings of Internet radio stations. Mouse clicks necessary to open video/audio streams can now be recorded. Scheduler can detect browser window titles. This allows opening the scheduled windows even if other windows are opened. And much more.
  • Video/audio downloader (youtube-dl, yt-dlp)
    GUI interface for youtube-dl and yt-dlp. Use this software to download video/audio clips from many websites with emphasis on video and audio playlists from YouTube. VLC Media Player can be programmed to make video/audio playlists for playback.
  • Improved installation of ActiveX controls (for new installations)
    Added features to raise the trust factor when installing ActiveX controls heavily scrutinized by security software for external applications.

Replay Video Capture

  • Fix renaming recordings
  • Fix Browser option in Background mode
  • Fix Stereo Mix and microphone used as main audio source when recording video
  • Fix recording microphone used as the only audio source

Replay Video Capture

Audio volume compression

If recorded audio level seems to be too low or too high you can now use the volume change/compress feature to raise or lower the audio volume. Audio compression is applied to avoid distortions and reduce the difference between the softest and loudest sounds.

Audio sample rates no longer restricted

The audio source can now be set to any sample rates available unlike the previous versions limitation to 48K. Any type of audio devices including Bluetooth, USB, internal can now be used.

Different types of microphones

Many microphone types can now be used including Bluetooth, USB, internal and others. No more requirements for the same sample rates for microphone and speaker.

WM Converter Pro enhanced features

  • lower recorded file sizes 2 to 10 times while preserving the quality
  • compress, boost, reduce recorded audio volume
  • add audio to silent video
  • replace audio track of video with another audio track or add a second audio track.

Multiple bug fix…

Replay Video Capture

  • Support for recording HD and UHD on 4K computers (NEW)
  • Intel Quick Sync/H.264 video/audio recording (NEW)
  • NVIDIA NVENC/H.264 video/audio recording (NEW)
  • CPU loading monitor (NEW)
  • Improved, multi-format audio recording (NEW)
  • Background recording and Picture-in-Picture improvements