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Replay Video Capture 8.9.1

  • Fixed  incomplete installation of DirectShow components  (failure – “Cannot install screen capture filter”)
  • Fixed error x013  (recording could not start due to audio stream blocking the video stream)

Replay Video Capture 8.8.2

  • Significantly lower CPU loading in Preview mode
  • Improved audio volume boost for recordings
  • Improved monitor scaling
  • Use different stop recording times for normal and scheduled recordings
  • Fixed a bug preventing installation on non-administrator Windows accounts
  • Fixed scheduler crash in File-View window
  • Fixed recording multiple scheduled recordings in background mode
  • Fixed browser selection for background mode
  • Fixed bug when selecting default media player for recordings

Replay Video Capture 8.7.1

  • Fixed uninstall bug
  • Fixed video window detection bug
  • Added setup for VLC or Windows Media Player as the default players for Replay Video Capture recordings
  • Added user selection of favorite default media player for playback
  • Added recording time/FPS marker for recording