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Replay Video Capture 9.1.3

New improved audio recording

Improved Dual Audio Recording  for compatibility with Zoom and Skype programs. Both incoming and outgoing audio streams are recorded separate then mixed together on one audio stream. This audio can be added in real time to the recorded video or saved in a mp3 file. New Virtual Audio Plus audio driver. This driver was specifically designed for Windows 10 but it can be also used with any Windows version including XP.

Improved, complete redesign of the Thumb Mode

Thumb mode allows you to run Replay Video Capture from a USB external drive (thumb drive). You can use this to record your favorite videos on any computer you have access to without the need to reinstall the software. All recordings and settings are saved on the USB drive not on the host  computer.

Improved Background recording

Background recording was always one of the main requested features of Replay Video Capture. Recording videos without showing the actual video on the screen allows you to use the desktop to do other things during recording. Enable Background mode, click Hide to make the video window disappear from the screen then open other windows or programs.

Picture in Picture

When using the Background mode, enable the Picture in Picture option in Settings then mark your video on the screen,. Click Hide then Detach. Now your selected video window plays as Picture in Picture on your desktop.

Replay Video Capture 8.9.1

  • Fixed  incomplete installation of DirectShow components  (failure – “Cannot install screen capture filter”)
  • Fixed error x013  (recording could not start due to audio stream blocking the video stream)