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Replay Video Capture 8.4.2

New Features:

  • Real-time preview of marked screen area and Picture-in-Picture
  • Automatic scaling for secondary monitors (Windows 10 and 8.1)
  • Option to skip UI rescaling at startup

Bug Fixes:

  • Monitor scaling for Windows 7
  • Monitor resolution detection
  • Schedule multiple recordings
  • Open scheduler at startup
  • MP4 recording modes and bitrates

Replay Video Capture 8.3.1

All new Replay Video Capture 8. This is a paid upgrade with many new features. Current Replay Video Capture owners can upgrade at a special price.

  • Game recording: This update adds features that makes recording games in top quality easier than ever using hot keys and borderless window recording (see below).
  • Hot keys: These handy shortcuts are now enabled at all times. Use Alt+A to start/stop recording, Alt+S to pause/restart, Alt+D to mute/unmute the microphone.
  • Borderless window recording: This useful when recording games that do not provide a borderless window. Just the game contents are recorded without annoying borders or caption bars.
  • Super high frame rates: Capture all the action detail with frame rates as high as 100 fps.
  • Smaller webinar recordings: Our new Windows Media Screen codec makes smaller recordings, with bit rates as low as 2 MB per minute.
  • Improved webinar audio: The new Dual Audio recording feature avoids disturbing echo feedback between speakers and the microphone. A mute/unmute hot key and button are included.
  • New User Interface. And choose between smaller or larger UI.
  • Added Windows Media Screen codec for recording low motion screens like webinars and documents.
  • Dual audio can now be used with any format.
  • Background mode improved. Can now be enabled/disabled from the main window. No longer requires a restart.
  • Check recording (perform multiple recording test for settings up frame rates, bitrate, window size, etc without recording multiple files).
  • And more!

Replay Video Capture 7.4

  • Added Virtual-Audio driver as a supplement to the Sound-Capture
  • Added WM Browser for Background mode
  • Added a warning message for BCK mode
  • Reload.exe does not pop-up automatically on errors
  • Now elevated (as administrator) only on administrator accounts. It runs without elevation on regular user accounts (does not require admin. password)
  • Removed (discontinued) the Universal Driver which only worked on XP.
  • Misc bug fixes