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Replay Video Capture 6.0.3

– Auto video detection: Replay Video Capture can detect motion videos and automatically mark the recording screen area. With a few exceptions, static images cannot be automatically detected only the full motion video window will be marked.
– Improved video quality: Improved motion fluency and audio lip-sync for all supported video formats.
– Fixed pause issue: Pause option was added for Windows Media Player format (missing in the previous versions).
– Full operation from external drives: Replay Video Capture can be installed and operate entirely from an external drive.
– High definition recording: Using MPEG-2 you can record 720p or higher resolution videos. Use your computer HDMI output or save recordings on an external drive and use an HDMI media player to playback recordings on HD TV’s.
-Automatic theme change: Windows theme can now be automatically changed to Windows 7 Basic or Vista Basic. The current theme is always restored when Replay Video closes.
– User Interface, bugs fixes and more: Keep Alive option prevents computer from going to sleep while recording, new window area marking methods, fixed Scheduler corrupted files, fixed Universal Audio Driver issues and more.

Replay Video Capture 5.4.2

– DirectShow actveX components can run now without the need to install Microsoft Redistributable package
– Remove and replace all references to DirectShow components that are missing in some Windows installations (for example Windows versions not installed by computer manufactures or custom Windows installations)
– Fixed registration code issues (for computers behind proxy servers)
– Added Windows Media format pause option when using Enhanced video mode and Stereo Mix audio recording
– Added option to automatically make DVD ISO files
– Added features that allow the program to fully operate from a memory stick or external drive
– Various bugs fixed

Replay Video Capture 5.2.1

– Fixed an audio bug (sample rate was set 44800 instead of 41100)
– Fixed a video preview bug (this bug affects the video preview window and crashed the program in some cases)
– Added show cursor option in Settings (show or don’t show the cursor when recording the screen)
– Added program description in Properties

Replay Video Capture 5.1

– Record from a second monitor. Replay Video Capture now supports dual monitor setups.
– Image capture. The new camera button takes a snapshot of a video frame.
– DVD ready videos. You can now record videos in DVD format ready to be burned on disc. This eliminates hours of conversion or transcoding.
– Scheduled recordings. Video recordings can now be scheduled. Replay Video Capture remembers your screen coordinates along with the start/end times of recording.
– Dual audio recording. Two audio sources can be simultaneously recorded. For example, you can record your voice over a video with audio track.
– Improved video quality. The new “Best Performance” option allows video frames rates up to 50 frames per second. This is particularly important when recording in DVD format.
– More video codecs and video formats. MPEG-4 and DVD codecs can now be used as default video formats along with – MPEG-2 and Windows Media. AVI files can now be created besides the MPG and WMV. Replay Video Capture can also use other video codecs already installed in your computer (ffdshow, DivX, Xvid, h264, FLV). The recorded video format is AVI.
– Pause is now available for all video formats.
– File sizes larger than 4 GB are displayed correctly
– Use of program on non-administrative accounts.
– Many bug fixes and enhancements.

Replay Video Capture 4.1

– updated splash screen, registration screen and program icon
– fixed crash when the system has multiple audio drivers (sources) and some of the drivers are disabled.
– improved universal audio usage

Replay Video Capture 4.0

– Added check for surround/quadraphonic sample rates above 4800 (Vista only)
– Added universal audio driver recording mode for Vista
– Added option to open IE from within Replay Video Capture. This helps UAD to initialize the audio capture.
– Improved Top Window feature (windows larger than 1/2 of the screen are not topped).
– Added embedded manifest eliminating the need to set admin rights or disable UAC.