At-Large Recorder 1.04

– Fixes problems with registration screen controls out-of-whack on some PCs.
– Further slows channel tuning to make it more reliable.

Replay Converter 1.1

– All buttons are now tabbable for easier access.
– Radio buttons can now be accessed properly with arrow keys.
– Added “Do Not Convert Audio in Video” check box.

Replay Converter 1.01

– All buttons are now tabbable.
– Tooltips are added to all the controls.
– Certain video files of unusual dimension no longer convert improperly.

1.02 (Replay SlingCorder)

– Fixed tab order in recordings dialog.
– Added warning message if “Enable High-Quality Mode for at Home (LAN) viewing” is checked in SlingPlayer. Setting this option caused elongated 640×240 recordings. (Thanks to Bounderboy for tracking this down.)
– Fixed occasional problem with status messages overwriting each other when recording ends.

1.01 (Replay SlingCorder)

– Added a feature not to send extra Enter commands when unnecessary. Sometimes these Enter commands would have unexpected side effects, such as opening the Guide.

1.0C (Replay SlingCorder)

– Added an option to send an “ENTER” command when changing channels.
– Replay SlingCorder now stops the SlingPlayer after a recording ends (unless you press the Stop button).

1.0 (Replay SlingCorder)

Replay SlingCorder is now available. Replay SlingCorder lets you record high quality video from your SlingBox ™ so you can watch anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to record right away, or schedule recordings for a later time and channel.

Replay AV 7.20

This Replay A/V update changes the User Interface by adding a Stream Capture button. This is similar to the URL Finder, but many people didn’t understand that the URL Finder was used to record video. Beyond that, just a few minor changes:
– Added Stream Capture function and UI button.
– Pressing Help in the URL finder no longer places a dummy URL into the list.
– URL Finder recognizes more audio and video types.
– Clear List button in URL Finder now also clears the IE cache.
– Fixed bug in Link to File downloads where non-MP3 files got corrupted.