Replay AV 8.09

– Includes Replay Converter 2.75C update which fixed a Windows Media stream playback issue.

Replay AV 8.08

– Fixed cause of occasional crashes when entering shows.
– uses new Replay Converter 2.75, which fixes problems converting some FLV files.

Replay Converter 2.75

– Includes fixes for some FLV Conversions.
– Adds new Video Conversion options for flexibility in choosing a conversion method.
– Adds a Flip Video option.

Replay Media Catcher 2.0

This free update for existing customers adds a unique “automatic naming” function, and fixes a few bugs as well. Here’s what’s new:
– Automatically names and tags downloaded MP3 files. Works regardless of the source of the MP3.
– Automatically names downloaded video files from the most popular video sites.
– Includes tool to manually tag MP3 files.
– Fixes a problem in 1.0 with not completely capturing large FLV files.
– Includes an option to automatically prompt to start recording.
– Checks for updates.
– Fixed problems with occasional freezes, especially in Vista.

Replay AV 8.07

– Fixed bug selecting from Multiple TV cards – top one was always selected
– Streaming FLVs are now recognized as such and saved as FLV (like streamtheworld stations)
– URL Finder now recognizes streaming Flash URLs
– Fixed “Missing codecs” problem in Windows Media Player 11 after installing Replay A/V
– Allows customers to “continue anyway” if an instance of Replay Radio is running
– Log viewer identifies Vista properly
– Fixed UI (white line under menu, right side cut off) in Vista
– Updated WinPCap for Vista, other adapter not found issues
– Fixed occasional crash when adding scheduled shows
– M4B (iPod Bookmarkable) tagger now works in Vista
– videos now found in cache
– registers Replay Converter when Replay A/V is registered
– Includes Replay Converter 2.6 update in new installer

Replay Converter 2.6

– Better conversion to more video formats (Converts more types of FLV files and Real files).
– When Replay Converter runs in Replay A/V, it will now close if it detects another instance of Replay Converter.
– Will now show as a registered version if registered with Replay A/V.
– Will now show as a registered version if Replay Converter was registered before and user is offline.
– Now converts twice as fast as previous version.

Replay Media Catcher 1.0.4 – Initial Release

Capture Premium Video and Audio With the First-ever Streaming Flash™ and MP3 Recorder
Introducing Replay Media Catcher, the only software that lets you capture streaming Flash™ Video and MP3 Audio from previously unrecordable streams. And it’s incredibly easy to use! Just click Start Recording and you’ll be capturing streaming Flash video and MP3 audio as you surf.