Replay AV 8.14

– URL Finder cache list now shows only FLV files
– Added special log file for shoutcast tracks – used by radio station guys
– Added 16 Kbps MP3 conversion option
– Podcasts with long URLs no longer get saved in program files folder
– In Convert/Transfer dialog, the selector bar no longer vanishes every 30 seconds or so
– Podcast MP3s can now be retagged
– New Podcasts by default have retag option set to off

Replay AV 8.12

– Fixed problem with program occasionally not shutting down properly and using lots of CPU.

Replay AV 8.11

– Bug fix: Radio shows saved as FLVs now convert to MP3s automatically
– Replay Player 3.0 included: Now works properly for Windows Media Player 11 and Vista

Replay AV 8.10

– Reduced processor usage in idle mode to 1/3 of previous level.

Replay AV 8.09

– Includes Replay Converter 2.75C update which fixed a Windows Media stream playback issue.

Replay AV 8.08

– Fixed cause of occasional crashes when entering shows.
– uses new Replay Converter 2.75, which fixes problems converting some FLV files.

Replay Converter 2.75

– Includes fixes for some FLV Conversions.
– Adds new Video Conversion options for flexibility in choosing a conversion method.
– Adds a Flip Video option.