Replay Converter 2.5

– All temp files are cleared now if converter fails.
– Able to convert more FLV files and Real files successfully.
– Fixed out of sync issues with some video file conversions.
– Can now convert FLAC files.

Replay AV 8.04

– Updated converter to eliminate occasional file cutoff problems

Replay AV 8.03

– Top menu bar drag now works
– Space bar now works as it should for blind users
– Changed default tagging: title = name + date, album = name, artist = Replay A/V
– Problems tuning to Sirius for Canadian users fixed
– Changed keyboard shortcut for View Recordings from Ctrl+V to Ctrl+W
– In convert/transfer dialog – starts conversion process AFTER the “background process” message appears
– Fixed problem with Import option failing
– Recording Wizard loads faster
– Added new menu bitmaps for Import shows, Enter Activation code

Replay AV 8.02

– Fixed conversion problems with Real files.
– Fixed out-of-sync video and audio.
– Changed shortcut keys to use Ctrl instead of Alt – Menu shortcuts now work
– Context button (applications key) now displays pop-up menu
– Space bar now quickly enters selected show properties. No longer uses Enter key due to menu shortcut issues.
– Record Audio from Speakers (Quick Audio record) no longer shows a useless URL field in opening dialog.
– AddToiTunes is now enabled even if “Convert to Nothing” is selected.
– Added a NOW button to Schedule tab to make it easy to start timed recordings right away
– Updating an existing installation no longer gives a warning message about MMSR210E.dll if Replay A/V is running
– Copy/convert dialog now refreshes file list every 30 seconds instead of every 15.
– Replay Player is now registered automatically when registering Replay A/V 8, also accepts Replay A/V 8 reg. codes.
– Added an option to NOT tag MP3 files in the Tags tab property for each show.
– Added new Tuning Setting for configuring the number of retries on a failed scheduled stream capture.
– Added menu option (under Tools) to open Replay Converter.
– Added menu option (under Tools) to open Replay Player.
– Added menu option (under Help) to Enter Activation Code.
– Added menu option (under Tools) to Import shows from Replay A/V 7.
– Clicking Add To iTunes option in Quick Record mode no longer gives warning message.
– Clicking Add To iTunes option for Podcast shows no longer gives warning message.
– Fixed bug where sometimes old XM/Sirius passwords would creep back as the default for new shows.
– 5 minute demo expiration message no longer appears in demo mode when trying to download clips.
– Cleaned up 5 minute demo so that demo-over messages appear when they should.
– WinPCap no longer needs to be installed for Replay A/V to run.
– Installer now has Browse button for choosing the install folder.
– Podcasts downloaded and converted no longer are redownloaded.
– Automatic conversions wait until other instances of Replay Converter are closed.
– Won’t start any conversions from Convert/Transfer dialog until all instances of Replay Converter are closed.

Replay Converter 2.41

– Converts more FLV files.
– More detailed log file for diagnosis.
– Added “Display Log” button in options dialog box for faster access of log file.
– Faster conversions.
– Fixed temp file bug. All temp files are now cleared and should no longer grow indefinitely.
– Fixed problems with Real conversions growing to huge sizes or being out-of-sync.
– Changed Conversion status dialog box text.
– Fixed out of sync issue with some videos.

Replay Converter 2.40

– Fixed audio/video out of sync issue. (Mostly with FLV files.)
– Fixed large temp file issue.
– Some conversions no longer run indefinitely.
– Fixed problems converting Real Video and Audio files.
– Able to type in customized settings for frame size and bitrate.

Replay AV 8.01

– Improved demo mode.
– Podcasts now have add to iTunes option enabled.

Replay AV 8.0

Replay A/V 8 is released today! This is a major improvement over version 7. Here are the highlights:
– resizable window
– fully integrated with Replay Converter
– improved URL finder: more supported network cards and also finds downloaded videos from the browser cache
– YouTube, Google Video and customizations for other video download sites
– TV Tuner card and Webcam support
– custom MP3 tags
– new UI
– over 60 enhancements
Here are the details:
– added SWF filter to URL finder
– max URL size now 4096 bytes
– increased size of Sirius/XM password field to 32 bytes
– uses Replay Converter for conversions
– now checks for existing file before starting conversions
– improved ASF file fixing
– Burn/Copy dialog now contains conversion options
– Burn/Copy dialog now has delete option, radio buttons
– Added Custom MP3 Tagging option – with time and date codes!
– left click a show opens action menu by default (option in settings)
– action menu contains icons
– can drag items in show list to move them
– new resizeable UI
– list box rows have alternating colors
– added Media Pak functionality
– audio recordings now show status in item display – no more top countdown timer
– fixed problem with errant no sound warning when starting to manually record audio
– Quick Record now adds an entry to the shows list – makes recordings easier to find and manage
– added a top menu
– removed a lot of buttons
– no more status message area
– renamed Burn/Copy to Convert/Transfer
– made Basic tab for show properties as simple as possible
– nicer log viewer – can now pick the log date to view, copy the log filename, or delete log files
– URL Finder/Stream Capture works with USB,ADSL, dial-up connections now
– added undo last show delete menu function
– URL Finder looks in cache for FLV files (solves problems with people unable to capture FLV files)
– URL Finder adds names of files to cached display
– URL Finder now horizontally scrolls for long URLs
– program icon in task bar changes to red when recording
– slick new recording wizard
– pop-up menu now has icons
– added TV Tuner Card and WebCam capture
– URL Finder now has clipboard copy button
– makes an automatic backup of the recording schedule file
– added option to fix unseekable ASF files in Convert/Transfer dialog
– upon starting Replay A/V, if unfinished conversion jobs are found, user has the option to continue them or delete them. This replaces the need to edit the registry in case a conversion job gets stuck.
– tuner window now has name of tuned show in caption bar
– tuner now shows TV stations in properly sized window
– displays warning message on duplicate show names – prevents some conversion errors
– fixed bug with some Podcasts not writing to proper folders. Usually with many simultaneous downloads.
– streaming aac files (icyx:// protocol) now saved properly as .aac files
– XM and Sirius recordings now use larger tuner window
– added Preview option to URL Finder
– URL Finder remembers show/hide cache setting during the current session
– more audio/mp3 content types now recognized in URL finder
– Players no longer close when Quick Record ends
– tuner now always remains visible
– closing while recording now finishes processing files
– installer now has a “Launch” checkbox upon completion
– Quick Record no longer keeps tags from previous operation
– Update and some other Web pages now appear maximized
– QuickTime videos with no content-type now appear OK in URL Finder
– fixed crash when attempting to record long URLs
– WDBO now closes properly after recording (special case)
– sound card driver setup happens only after a sound recording is selected
– new option for Canadian Sirius users to log in and tune
– Now captures URLS of Live365 stations properly
– changed how USB devices are unhooked after syncing
– “pls” content-types are recordable now (i.e.e
– manual conversions now run in the background
– videos now appear in the cache locator
– Update All Podcasts no longer has long delay before we see stuff happening.
– default “connection time” is 12 seconds, not 30
– default Stream Capture Time Out is 300, not 180

Replay Converter 2.31

– Added “Hints” to improve user experience.
– Added code signing for file integrity checking.
– Replay Converter log file is now ReplayConverterLog.log so users can locate it easily.
– Can convert more types of FLV, QuickTime, and Real files.
– Can now convert MP4 files and RAM files that reference an online stream.
– Improved product registration.