Replay Radio 6.11

  • Now displays times in European format if locale is set that way.
  • Shows edit dialog after adding a new show. This fixes some issues with new shows not having all the pertinent data.

Replay Screencast 1.21

Bug fix: After doing an initial recording, when changing to a different video source, Replay Screencast would still record the original video source.

Replay Radio 6.1

  • Logs no longer get erased when downloading multiple Podcasts
    at the same time.
  • Quick Records now are saved to a "Quick record" subfolder.
  • Quick Records don’t kill tuner.
  • Quick Records don’t hang up dial-up connection.
  • Quick Records no longer close external player.
  • Eliminate dead air bug fixed: now uses seconds instead of milliseconds.
  • Conversions from WAV to MP3 now retain the artist, title and
    album tags.
  • Fixed: XM Online scheduled recordings didn’t tune if nothing
    was in the URL field.
  • Quick Record now resets "Stop Quick Record" button
    when recording ends.
  • Quick Record no longer ends early.
  • On some conversions where a target already existed, we no longer
    write an extension like .(2)mp3..
  • Added automatic or manual device sync to Settings – support
    for non-iPod MP3 Players.
  • Track number is now added to MP3 file tags.
  • WinAmp windows now close properly.
  • Fixed uPnP Server.
  • Replay Tuner stays hidden if Replay Radio is hidden.

Replay Screencast 1.10

  • Able to make better recordings using either the High Motion or Low Motion video setting.
  • New bitrate setting.
  • Renamed Quality setting to Smoothness setting to make it more descriptive.

Replay Screencast 1.02

  • Can now only run one instance of Replay Screencast.
  • No more initial delay when starting a recording after Replay Screencast hides.

Replay Radio 6.03

  • Added MP3 FM Quality to Record-to options
  • Delete Shows Over option now deletes ALL files over a certain age in the shows subfolder.
  • Choosing “Enter New Show” from the pop-up menu now defaults to “Unscheduled”.