Replay Music 2.01

  • New tracks now always go to the bottom of the list.
  • Play Track now shows media player.
  • Improved recognition success rate.
  • Fixed timed recording bug
  • Fixed record to Audio CD 80 minute max bug.
  • Added tabs to the settings dialog (helpful for 800×600 resolution displays).
  • The Registration dialog is now accessible for screen reader programs for visually impaired users.
  • Added new keystroke shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+T accelerator used to sort title column, Ctrl+Alt+A accelerator used to sort Artist column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A accelerator used to sort Album column, Ctrl+Alt+G used to sort Genre column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T used to sort time column.

Replay Music 2.0

  • Allows for unlimited tagging. No more limit of 5000 songs.
  • Improved song recognition database.
  • Can move tracks up and down in the list.
  • Can sort tracks by clicking on column headers.
  • Adds album and genre information to songs.
  • Use Replay Music 2.0 on more than one PC.
  • Customize the file naming format.
  • Ctrl+A selects all tracks.
  • Added option to turn automatic tagging off.


WMR RMR 10.0

  • WM Recorder can now record from more sources, including MSN
    Video and JumpTV.
  • RM Recorder now has Proxy Mode – some PCs with only dial-up
    or wireless connections can now record Real streams.
  • WM VCR now looks at RM Recorder’s Recordings folder for listing
    videos to View.
  • WM Recorder and RM Recorder now have improved installation,
    including a video test option.

Replay Radio 5.21

  • No longer shows two track numbers in the file name when tracks
    are split.
  • No longer gives unnecessary driver mismatch warning message
  • Removed extra screen fragments in status message when saving
    a recording.

Replay Radio 5.2

  • Added UPnP (Universal Plug ‘n Play) Server support.
  • Dashes in filenames are now underscores (for UPnP Support).
  • Added option to delete shows older than N days.
  • Scheduling a show in demo mode now records even if it was entered
    as an hour long show.

Replay Radio 5.11

  • Show Summary now displays the split interval properly.
  • Fixed erroneous warning message about mismatched drivers.
  • When adding tracks to iTunes, now closes the iTunes connection
  • Gives a better warning message when the user does a really short
    recording and nothing is saved.