Replay Radio 6.0

Version 6 is a major upgrade, and contains a lot of new features
and big fixes:

  • Fixed bug where long show names in schedule conflict detection
    caused crash.
  • Added support for tuning and recording XM Online.
  • Now ensures window is always visible when restarting – didn’t
    used to check screen dimensions or coordinates.
  • Message box to stop recording and quit program no longer beeps
    (which interfered with recordings)
  • Fixed shutdown problems with TRSDK driver not closing when the
    PC shuts down.
  • Enhanced Sound Card Driver installer now defaults to install
    folder for Replay Radio installation.
  • iTunes import module was rewritten to be more robust.
  • Quick Record time defaults to last-used option.
  • Recording Source selectors now show entire text of "Enhanced
    Sound Card Driver".
  • Added support for tuning XM Hardware.
  • Added full support for Podcasts.
  • Direct downloads now save in the background.
  • Fixed bug in some screens when deleting values – no more "please
    enter an integer" message on valid empty fields
  • Disabling a program in the schedule no longer erases the scheduled
    repeat days.
  • Now uses 2 digit day in filenames by default for better sorting.
  • No longer adds track number _01 to the MP3 file name if it’s
    the only track recorded.
  • Fixed bug: selecting MP3 Data CDs as output type now works as
  • Added better warning if no sound detected while recording.
  • Saves volume in Replay Tuner for Windows Media Player streams
  • Added support for recording with WM Recorder and RM Recorder
    (requires Replay A/V upgrade).
  • Ensures task bar icon stays visible when minimizing.
  • When Replay Radio’s sound card driver changes, we also reconfigure
    the Enhanced Sound Card Driver to use that driver.
  • URLs in scheduled recordings list now update instantly when
    the guide changes.
  • Added button in settings, sound mixer to install the Enhanced
    Sound Card Driver.
  • Sound Mixer Settings now shows Enhanced Sound Card Driver installation
  • New post-processing conversion system.
  • Added shortcut buttons in show schedule for selecting weekdays,
    weekends, all days, no days.
  • Removed errant track length warnings.
  • Redesigned Quick Record to be similar to Add/edit shows.
  • Now saves ALL Quick Record settings from the previous session
    for the next one.
  • Now properly adjusts times from shows in guide for exceptional
    time zones like Arizona & Indiana (East).
  • Added a right button click option in the list box to Tune, Edit,
    Delete, Start/Stop recording.
  • When editing a show, we now return to the last tab from the
    previous edit.
  • Replay Radio Enhanced Sound Card Driver only become actives
    when recording – minimizes side-effects of having Replay Radio
    always loaded.
  • Eliminate Dead Air option has improved clarity in Enhanced
    Sound Card Driver recording.
  • VU meter has better action.
  • Added Wav -> AAC converter to make iPod bookmarkable AAC
  • Added WAV -> WMA converter.
  • Simplified MP3 file options — now encodes just CD Quality on
    the fly.
  • New improved Media Guide.
  • Tuner now adds a message to the log file if it may be blocked
    by a firewall.
  • New buttons on main screen: Media Guide, Options, View, Burn/Copy.
  • New Burn/Copy screen is used to Burn CDs, make and play Playlists,
    and copy tracks to iTunes.
  • Demo limit is now 15 minutes of audio, and unlimited podcasts.
  • Added OGG conversion.
  • Quick Record stop now has a Cancel option so recording can
  • Replay Tuner sometimes didn’t tune – fixed.
  • If Replay Radio is minimized and a recording starts, Replay
    Tuner stays minimized.
  • Now has standard _ and X behaviors.
  • Added pop-up menu to task bar – this is now how we close Replay
  • "Duplicate" option moved from dialog to pop-up menu.
  • Bug fix: closing from task bar used to destroy tray icon but
    not close Replay Radio.
  • Shows list now shows time of last saved show, not next recording.
  • Aux no longer is a successful option in the Recording Methods
  • Program loads faster.
  • Fixed bug where clicking desktop icon twice rapidly opened
    2 instances.
  • "Registration codes" are now called "activation
  • Starting minimized now works properly (Start when Windows starts).
  • Changed "View Record Log" to "View Log"
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (delete, move up, move down, alt+1-9
    for tuning).
  • Now Saves shows to their own folders.

Replay Music 2.31

  • Improved internet connection detection.
  • Fixed bug that caused Replay Music to freeze or crash sometimes
    when using Windows Media Player.
  • Tab order in "Start Recording Session" is now correct.
  • New icon.

Replay Music 2.3

  • Better recognition for Yahoo LaunchCast and MusicMatch.
  • Fixed bug where in a multiple edit the album tag now always
    gets updated.
  • Fixed bug where in multiple edit the album file name now always
    gets updated.
  • Fixed directory format bug where Replay Music creates the
    correct directories and should no longer get the "Could
    not create MP3 or WAV file because directory does not exist."
  • New icon.
  • Changed to more readable font for messages.
  • Proxy settings remain in proxy text boxes even if a user unclicks
    that they no longer have a proxy.
  • Fixed multiple editing bug where if a track still existed
    it will no longer say that the track could not be found.
  • Improved iTunes interface.
  • Added command line capability. For example: ReplayMusic.exe
    dur=60 album="Best of Rolling Stones" where dur is
    the duration in minutes and album is the album name and folder
    songs will be stored.
  • Sequence numbers and Track numbers are now numerically sorted.

Replay Music 2.2

  • Added new sortable track number and sequence number columns
    to song list window.
  • Added new silver GUI skin.
  • Added "Split now" button.
  • Added track number option for file formatting.
  • Added directory formatting found in the start new session
  • Fixed bug where if a user uses burn audio CD with 80 minutes
    setting, and if they go to another setting such as Record to
    MP3 that the 80 minute setting is cleared.
  • Proxy settings are now all encrypted.
  • F1 key is now disabled so help file not found message does
    not appear anymore.
  • Fixed "Replay Music does not detect internet connection" message
    that periodically appeared.
  • Fixed multiple edit bug that displayed a message that a song
    already existed when it didn’t.

Replay Music 2.1

  • Added an input volume control.
  • Added a "No split" option.
  • Added an "Artist" input text box in the "Start Recording Session" dialog box for better track recognition.
  • Updated the song recognition system for better accuracy.
  • Eliminated errors when shutting down computer.
  • Demo version should no longer occasionally say you have no more tracks left to record in error.
  • Fixed mis-splitting bug for recording from an external device such as using the "Line-in".
  • Fixed recognition bug where sometimes Replay Music would identify a song that was already identified before.

RM Recorder 10.2

  • Can now adjust the Connection Speed to accommodate slower connections.
  • New Turbo Mode- Turbo Mode allows recording at the highest
    bandwidth that your Internet connection can provide. How high
    the recording speed will go depends on the remote server available
    bandwidth. In most cases 3 to 5 Mbps can be achieved on cable
    connections. Turbo Mode works for On Demand (pre-recorded) streams
    and should only be utilized with cable connections or DSL connections
    higher than 256 Kbps.
  • New Mirror Recording Mode – This mode allows recording while
    mirroring the Real Player play. In this mode the Real Player
    needs to be active for the entire duration of recording. The
    Mirror mode should be used for overloaded web sites with reduced
    bandwidth capability, like Live broadcasts.
  • New Stream Info – This function allows you to get stream information
    from a recording in progress. In particular the number of lost
    packets and the current bandwidth show the integrity of the final
    recording. To access this option right click the file name in
    the Recording window.
  • New Reprocess File function – To fix recording errors use
    the Reprocess File option. File errors that can be fixed are
    offset, timing, codecs and indexing errors. This option should
    be used if the Real Player playback shows a continuous "Loading…" ,
    when sound is missing or when it takes a long time to seek through
    a long file. To access this function right click the file name
    in the PLAY window.
  • Update RP Settings – This option should be used if you changed
    the Real Player settings after RM Recorder was installed. In
    particular the settings of interest are Connection Speed, Proxy
    and Network Transports found in Real Player / Tools / Preferences.
  • New Split function – To split one section of a file you select
    the start and the end times of the split. When splitting timed
    recorded files (files with a start time different than zero)
    you need to specify split times greater than the start time.
  • New Merge function – Two files can be merged at the time.
    When merging files, the first file is always the first highlighted
    file name in the PLAY list.
  • Audio Extraction – The audio track of a video file can be extracted
    in Real Player format. The extracted files can be split and merged.
  • Compatibility with RealMedia Producer and RealMedia Editor
    – The recorded files are compatible with RealMedia Producer and
    RealMedia Editor for On Demand (pre-recorded) broadcasts . For
    Live or timed recordings use the RM Recorder editing functions.
  • Now has an Always on Top option.
  • Now has resizable URLs and PLAY windows.

WMR RMR 10.1

  • No longer gives false warning messages when opening up the
    list of saved files to play.
  • Multiple users on the same PC can use the same installed version.
  • RM Recorder now supports timed recording.
  • RM Recorder can now record slide shows.
  • Supports Authentication proxies.
  • The Real Player window now closes when recording with WM VCR.

Replay Music 2.01

  • New tracks now always go to the bottom of the list.
  • Play Track now shows media player.
  • Improved recognition success rate.
  • Fixed timed recording bug
  • Fixed record to Audio CD 80 minute max bug.
  • Added tabs to the settings dialog (helpful for 800×600 resolution displays).
  • The Registration dialog is now accessible for screen reader programs for visually impaired users.
  • Added new keystroke shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+T accelerator used to sort title column, Ctrl+Alt+A accelerator used to sort Artist column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A accelerator used to sort Album column, Ctrl+Alt+G used to sort Genre column, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T used to sort time column.

Replay Music 2.0

  • Allows for unlimited tagging. No more limit of 5000 songs.
  • Improved song recognition database.
  • Can move tracks up and down in the list.
  • Can sort tracks by clicking on column headers.
  • Adds album and genre information to songs.
  • Use Replay Music 2.0 on more than one PC.
  • Customize the file naming format.
  • Ctrl+A selects all tracks.
  • Added option to turn automatic tagging off.