Replay Radio 5.2

  • Added UPnP (Universal Plug ‘n Play) Server support.
  • Dashes in filenames are now underscores (for UPnP Support).
  • Added option to delete shows older than N days.
  • Scheduling a show in demo mode now records even if it was entered
    as an hour long show.

Replay Radio 5.11

  • Show Summary now displays the split interval properly.
  • Fixed erroneous warning message about mismatched drivers.
  • When adding tracks to iTunes, now closes the iTunes connection
  • Gives a better warning message when the user does a really short
    recording and nothing is saved.

Replay Radio 5.1

  • Added an Enhanced Sound
    Card Driver
    . The benefits: record at higher quality, eliminate
    background noises, and support more sounds cards.
  • “Test dial-up connection” button now works properly.
  • Added option for “Overwrite last Recording”.
  • Icon appears in task bar in Windows 2000 now.
  • Setup Windows Sound Mixer button now works properly for Windows
  • The Replay Tuner program closes when Replay Radio closes.
  • Added a new AM Stereo quality setting – AM Stereo 32 Kbps 44.1
  • Record Log has less repetitive data.
  • iTunes no longer closes after a show is added to it.
  • Added a “Duplicate Show” option.
  • Some shows that play late in Pacific time now show the right
    days when recorded in other time zones.

Replay Music 1.05

  • Control-R key now starts and stops recordings.
  • Improved recognition in WinAmp and MusicMatch On Demand.
  • Can now edit album track numbers.
  • Selections remain highlighted when editing a track.

Replay Radio 5.05

  • Minimizing or restoring Replay Radio now minimizes or restores
    the tuner app as well.
  • Now supports an accessible registration screen for visually
    impaired users.
  • Esc key no longer closes Replay Radio with no warning.
  • No longer any spaces in output files names — won’t mess up
  • Mute While Recording option now works on Dell PCs.

Radio Wizard 1.06

  • Now resets sound card driver back to default after exiting Radio Wizard.
  • Display works properly when using large fonts.

WMR RMR Version 9.15

  • Added RM Recorder option to record Real Player Video and Audio.
  • Updated WM VCR to interface with RM Recorder and WM Recorder.
  • Fixed bug in WM VCR — hour long shows now terminate correctly.

Replay Radio Version 5.04

  • Optimize Mixer Volume feature enhanced for specific sound cards.
  • Closes Opera Browser recording window after a recording is
    done ?
  • Show Summary screen now says “minutes” instead of “seconds”
    for the “Split every” value.
  • Now imports schedule files when upgrading from Replay Radio
    4.x, Details are here.

Replay Music 1.04

  • Added the ability to specify Genre in the track tags.
  • Now records directly to WAV files as an option.