Radio Wizard 1.06

  • Now resets sound card driver back to default after exiting Radio Wizard.
  • Display works properly when using large fonts.

WMR RMR Version 9.15

  • Added RM Recorder option to record Real Player Video and Audio.
  • Updated WM VCR to interface with RM Recorder and WM Recorder.
  • Fixed bug in WM VCR — hour long shows now terminate correctly.

Replay Radio Version 5.04

  • Optimize Mixer Volume feature enhanced for specific sound cards.
  • Closes Opera Browser recording window after a recording is
    done ?
  • Show Summary screen now says “minutes” instead of “seconds”
    for the “Split every” value.
  • Now imports schedule files when upgrading from Replay Radio
    4.x, Details are here.

Replay Music 1.04

  • Added the ability to specify Genre in the track tags.
  • Now records directly to WAV files as an option.

Freecorder 2.12

  • Registered version now tags MP3 files with the name of the recording.

Freecorder 2.11

  • Fixes a problem with some sound cards not having any Lines to select in Settings. This also fixes a crash problem with these cards when recording.

Replay Radio 5.03

  • Fixes a problem where a complete list of available recording
    sources doesn’t show when using some Sound Card models.