Replay Music Version 1.02

  • Improved the iTunes import interface – tracks are copied to iTunes more reliably.
  • Added more high quality output settings – up to 320 Kbps.
  • Number of recording credits remaining now appears in the About screen.
  • MP3 files now use better quality CBR encoding.
  • Improved track recognition when playing music from Windows Media Player.
  • Fixed the 700 Meg output option setting when burning MP3 CDs.

Replay Music 1.01

  • Added Set Recording After Idle option in settings.
  • Fixed some problems with burning CDs.
  • Unusual characters in the album name no longer disrupt recording.
  • Recordings from AOL Radio are now at a higher quality.
  • Some issues with manually tagging recordings are fixed.

Replay Radio 4.13

  • Sometimes Windows Media Player or Real Player wouldn’t close
    after a recording ends — now fixed.

Replay Radio 4.12

  • “Type mismatch” error should no longer occur in rare cases when
    burning CDs.
  • Log messages now show the correct units (seconds vs. milliseconds)

WMR RMR 9.14

  • Minor update for some installation program enhancements.

Replay Radio 4.11

  • Fixed problems with some recordings not using the Sound
    Card Driver recording source.

Replay Radio 4.1

  • Added visual indicator of recording (VU meter).
  • Added “Always tune with Windows Media Player” option to help
    with occasional tuning issues.
  • AM Quality now works better on Pocket PC player, back to 7Mb/hr.
  • Updated CD Burner module for PCs with two CD Burners.
  • Christian Netcast player window now closes after recording.
  • Surfer Network player now closes as after recording.
  • Added help for MusicMatch configuration.
  • Shows a warning when a recording failed.
  • Manually stopping a scheduled recording no longer automatically
    disconnects on dial-up modems.

WMR RMR 9.12

  • Fixed problem with appearance of some dialogs on PCs with Large
    Fonts as a display setting.
  • Fixed pastes of long URLs into the URL text window.
  • Fixed rare crashes.
  • Added recording for some non Windows Media Player files.