Replay Radio 4.11

  • Fixed problems with some recordings not using the Sound
    Card Driver recording source.

Replay Radio 4.1

  • Added visual indicator of recording (VU meter).
  • Added “Always tune with Windows Media Player” option to help
    with occasional tuning issues.
  • AM Quality now works better on Pocket PC player, back to 7Mb/hr.
  • Updated CD Burner module for PCs with two CD Burners.
  • Christian Netcast player window now closes after recording.
  • Surfer Network player now closes as after recording.
  • Added help for MusicMatch configuration.
  • Shows a warning when a recording failed.
  • Manually stopping a scheduled recording no longer automatically
    disconnects on dial-up modems.

WMR RMR 9.12

  • Fixed problem with appearance of some dialogs on PCs with Large
    Fonts as a display setting.
  • Fixed pastes of long URLs into the URL text window.
  • Fixed rare crashes.
  • Added recording for some non Windows Media Player files.


  • Can now perform scheduled recordings with WM VCR.
  • New Adapter Mode allows
    for recording with no limitations or side effects.
  • Play button now opens a date sorted list of files.
  • New Recording Status Window.
  • URL Mode recording is cleaner.
  • Recording from password
    protected streams is now supported.
  • Recording several streams simultaneously is now easier.
  • New Resume feature.
  • Accelerated downloads — download up to 5x faster than before.
  • The URL History is
    easier to use.

Replay Radio 4.03

  • Added option in Quick record and Show Scheduler to add tracks
    to iTunes for syncing to iPod.
  • Artist tag in saved MP3 files is now “0_Replay Radio” so that
    it appears at the top of the list of artists.
  • Album tag is now added to MP3 files — this is the name of the
    scheduled or quick-recorded show.
  • CD Burner sometimes failed to recognize drives on PCs with
    multiple burners.
  • Real Media Player Classic should now close properly after recording
    has finished.

Replay Radio 4.02

  • Tracks are now numbered 01, 02 so that file sorting works properly.
  • AM Quality is better, but now requires 10Mb/hour.
  • Fixed: split by time sometimes wouldn’t save last segment.
  • AOL radio and other 8 bit feeds now record properly and don’t
  • Added support for burning to DVD/CD drives (like Pioneer, Plextor,
    and TDK).
  • Background of status message and timer now always looks right.
  • Illegal filename characters in custom naming no longer causes
    MP3 file saves to fail.
  • Quality settings and other recording settings are now in LOG
  • Burning CDs from View Recordings menu now fixed.
  • Fixed occasional crashes that would occur when system sounds
  • Custom quality option can never be set if custom.bat exists,
    even if it was set previously.