Replay Radio 1.1

  • Now properly deletes temporary .wav files.
  • Scheduler was rewritten for improved reliability.
  • Added Quick Record function
  • New look for main dialog.
  • Rewrote recorder for improved reliability.
  • Now retunes to URL if network connection error
    is detected in Real Player or Windows Media Player.
  • Manually stopping the recording doesn’t cause
    it to start up again.
  • Added status message to Edit show dialog —
    shows status of last recording.
  • MP3 file naming is now consistent no matter
    how recording was stopped.
  • Handles reconnecting dial-up connections when
    dropped by the ISP.
  • Improved documentation for Microphone/Line In
  • Other minor enhancements.

Replay Radio 1.04

  • Some Microphone/Line-In recordings didn’t save
    properly — this has now been fixed.
  • Adding new shows now always schedules the first
    recording in the future
  • Added a nifty new splash screen. Just click
    on it to make it disappear right away.

Replay Radio 1.03

  • Fixed problems with recording via the Line In
    microphone jack.
  • Manually terminating a recording no longer causes
    scheduled recordings not to start

Replay Radio 1.02

  • Back-to-back shows now record properly
  • Editing a show while recording no longer restarts
    the recording, thereby erasing the original
  • Recording starts when program is opened if
    start time is past the current time
  • Main program window is now immediately responsive
    when recording starts
  • Added splash screen
  • Exiting Replay Radio while recording now properly
    stops the recording
  • One-time events occasionally started on the
    wrong date — now fixed.
  • Now closes Winamp player properly (Shoutcast)

Replay Radio 1.01

  • Fixed bug where CD quality recordings failed
  • Added the ability to deal with variable rate
    streams (some recordings terminated early)
  • Any Windows beeps no longer terminate the recording.
  • Added microphone recording — record directly
    from the Radio attached to the Microphone jack.
  • Added hints for recording from Microphone Jack
    and over the Internet
  • Fixed some KXAM show for proper time zone