Replay Video Capture 8.4.2

New Features:

  • Real-time preview of marked screen area and Picture-in-Picture
  • Automatic scaling for secondary monitors (Windows 10 and 8.1)
  • Option to skip UI rescaling at startup

Bug Fixes:

  • Monitor scaling for Windows 7
  • Monitor resolution detection
  • Schedule multiple recordings
  • Open scheduler at startup
  • MP4 recording modes and bitrates

Replay Media Catcher

  • New automatic background updates to page url extraction engine
  • Support for “Run as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed” in scheduler. Triggered by “Scheduler can wake” Personalization setting.
  • Improved radio station guide. Search now looks up Applian Radio guides as well as tunein
  • Improved art image lookup
  • Signed with new certificate.
  • Extraction engine version 01/31/2016.
  • Improve startup time.
  • Improved lookup for default media player.
  • Fixed YouTube channel downloads by scheduler
  • Fixed video guide to support recent google search changes.
  • New DVR Browser Emulation settings allows choice of IE version. Select IE10 for Amazon Video DVR if video is black.
  • Support for corrupt ABC radio playlists.

Replay Music

  • Improved art image lookup
  • Signed with new certificate
  • Improved startup time
  • Improved lookup of default player for media.

Replay Media Splitter 2.3.1512.31

Corrected version number.


  • Saving video as Animated GIF
  • Support of AC3 for MP4 editing

AVI files fixes:

  • Error 0x8004020d when trimming some AVI files on Windows 10. AVI Demultiplexer was substituted by SolveigMM one
  • “AVI file’s index is broken or missing” VLC player’s error on some output AVI files

MP4 files fixes:

  • Runtime error on MP4 editing
  • Crash of Windows Media player during playback of MP4 output file
  • Too slow processing multiple intervals on MP4 file
  • Changing frame rate from constant to variable on MP4 files
  • Splitted MP4 file plays with artifacts in GOM player
  • Crash on trimming MP4 with MP4V

MKV/WEBM files fixes:

  • Crash while editing of MKV file
  • Stays at 0% on trimming WEBM file (VP80 video, Vorbis2 audio)

Interface fixes:

  • Fixed inadequate interaction start/stop edit boxes with marker/interval selection on timeline