Replay Media Catcher

  • 8tracks music guide
  • Ensure recordings are cleared correctly to stop incorrect prompt on exit
  • Ensure schedule details are passed to recordings so that duration etc is respected
  • Changed “Cancel” to “Stop” on all context menus (and associated icons)
  • Audio recording now displays the time in the status
  • Display live stream status when downloading a live http stream.
  • Fixed issue stopping download of some ICY streams with unusual parameters
  • Implemented support for waking machine when scheduled task fires (See Settings | Advanced Tab – on by default)
  • Implemented support for ensuring machine does not sleep when running (See Settings | Advanced Tab – on by default)
  • Support for recent YouTube changes
  • Allow minimum download sizes below 100kb.
  • Check on start to see if an app is on screen and if not centre on primary console.
  • Added right-click context menu for importing into iTunes (m4a, mp3, mp4, wma, mkv)

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