Replay Media Catcher

  • Support for https/SSL downloading of YouTube videos via Certificate installation. By installing the included certificate, Replay Media Catcher 5 SSL Scanner Root, you will now be able to save YouTube videos over https and while logged into your Google account. (Settings->Internet->HTTP Adv) VPN users might need to switch to OpenVPN to capture some music videos.
  • Support for new YouTube webm adaptive video formats.
  • Support for audio splitting and “at complete” schedule events
  • Removed RTMP monitoring of port 443 by default
  • Now does a thumbnail lookup after each download is complete
  • Now handles naming of YT streams that don’t have a referer header in ssl scanner
  • Now allows m4b to be imported into itunes
  • Improved conversion support
  • Improved HLS protocol detection, downloading and display.
  • Implemented HDS recording (downloading already supported)
  • Extra support for RSS feeds

FAQ: What is the HTTPS/SSL scanning certificate?

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