Replay Media Catcher

  • Improvements to accessibility.
  • Do art lookup again after youtube download complete.
  • Fixed back button in iplayer guide.
  • Ensure minimal mode cant display offscreen if users changes resolution.
  • Various fixes for ICY downloads
  • Clearer messaging when no network monitor is installed.
  • HLS downloads – support for audio/mpegurl content type.
  • Audio recording fixes for Tradestation, iTunes on XP and users who have switched of 8.3 short names
  • Support timestamp tagging in ID3 tags for scheduled recordings
  • Prompt on close when something is recording/downloading
  • Fixed renaming issue in list view
  • Fixed error when searching youtube guide and no results returned
  • Escape key now clears search control
  • Changed audio/aacp and audio/aac to acc file extension
  • Fixed toolbar flickering

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