Replay Media Catcher

  • New capture methods menu for ease of access
  • Improved MPEG Dash protocol detection and download
  • Extraction engine 2017.05.23
  • DVR improvements and quicklinks feature to cfg DVR for certain sites
  • Support for HTTPS monitoring in Chrome >= v58
  • Extraction engine now supports sites requiring authentication. See Settings | Internet Downloads |
  • Advanced | Extractor Logins
  • Support for MPEG Dash protocol
  • Improvements to RTMP recording
  • Support for recording multiple RTMP streams over same connection
  • Fixed audio recording to WMA
  • Fixed firefox reported crash
  • New Tiles View
  • Favor artist album instead of various artists when auto tagging.
  • Support for converting to same folder as source file.
  • Misc fixes and improvements

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