Replay Radio 3.1

  • Added Mute While Recording option.
  • Handles low disk space issues better.
  • Added more record options, including a second
    method of record from the internet.
  • Internet connection error messages fixed.
  • Two shows with the same name recorded on the
    same day no longer overwrite each other.
  • Fixed XP task bar icon disappearing problem.
  • Record Now automatically goes for 5 hours.
    Previously it would often end early.
  • Installer now copies supporting files for CD
    Burner setup.
  • Installer OPTIONALLY adds sound card driver.
    Some customers have had problems with the Replay Radio sound driver,
    and so it’s no longer required.
  • Now closes streamaudio windows after recording
  • View Recordings dialog shows which recording
    is being shown, and now has a View All button.
  • Added Direct Download option.
  • MP3 encoding uses less system resources.
  • Add/Edit show dialog no longer hides the bottom
    OK and Cancel buttons on 800×600 displays.

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