Replay Music

  • Support for recent YouTube changes  (Vevo videos in particular)
  • Fix for detecting Google Drive storage folder in some instances

Replay Media Catcher

Major upgrade release. Download here.

  • Stream Downloader: Support for YouTube HTML5 video streaming
  • Stream Downloader: Video page extraction (Multiple Stream Detection) – determination and selection of video format and quality
  • Stream Downloader: Copy & Paste / Drag & Drop of URLs for On Demand downloads
  • Stream Downloader: Multi-part combine for streams that are sent in large segments
  • Stream Downloader: Broader network Port monitoring
  • Stream Downloader: Site specific rules when recording is necessary
  • DVR: Digital Video Recorder first release
  • DVR: Off screen recording of website videos
  • DVR: Copy & Paste / Drag & Drop of URLs for On Demand downloads
  • DVR: DVR Browser for navigating to web videos, entering credentials, obtaining URsL, and recording
  • DVR: DVR Browser timed recording
  • DVR: Automatic silence detection for advertisement removal
  • DVR: Automatic silence detection for stopping a recording
  • Audio Recorder: System settings detection for choosing optimum recording method
  • Audio Recorder: ID3 tagging, album artwork, and lyrics lookup
  • Audio Recorder: Song title, artist, album prediction based on source when unable to fingerprint audio
  • Audio Recorder: Automatic folder filing based on ID3 tags
  • Guide: Expanded guide items for TV, Movies, Videos, Music, and Radio
  • Guide: Ability to save Favorites for Music and Radio stations
  • Guide: Search across all Guide items
  • Scheduler: Schedule Stream Downloader, Audio Recorder, or Digital Video Recorder sessions
  • Converter: Updated conversion profiles
  • Combine: Stitch together recordings that have been split 

Replay Music

  • Option to disable artwork and lyrics lookup.
  • Column added for recording sequence.
  • Detection of system settings that might prevent recording.
  • Prompt for overriding of tags at the start of recording.
  • Fixed dialogs appearing behind main window when always on top is on.
  • Amplification/Gain setting for adjusting the volume of recorded media.
  • Shortcut key fixes: Alt +R to start/stop recording. Alt +S to split a recording.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Replay Music

  • Major upgrade – All new
  • Improved audio recording: Eliminates all system sounds for super-clean recordings.
  • Correctly records and splits from sources using 4, 5, 5.1, and 7.1 channels.
  • Imports song lyrics.
  • Tag any music file on your PC by dragging and dropping into Replay Music.
  • No longer requires Admin privileges, and no more UAC prompt.
  • New small interface option.
  • Find songs from the built-in Media Guide.
  • Mobile friendly: Save recordings directly to DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.
  • Improved album art import: Change the artwork yourself, or use Replay Music’s suggestions.
  • Record multiple audio sources at the same time.
  • Recombining of split files
  • New Music Guide
  • New User Interface
  • Removed CD burning option (not popular)
  • Removed normalization option (iTunes does this for you)

Replay Video Capture 7.4

  • Added Virtual-Audio driver as a supplement to the Sound-Capture
  • Added WM Browser for Background mode
  • Added a warning message for BCK mode
  • Reload.exe does not pop-up automatically on errors
  • Now elevated (as administrator) only on administrator accounts. It runs without elevation on regular user accounts (does not require admin. password)
  • Removed (discontinued) the Universal Driver which only worked on XP.
  • Misc bug fixes

Replay Media Catcher 5.01.54

  • Improved HDS and UHS muxing of AAC/AVC.
  • Added grooveshark as secure HTTP stream after recent changes with site.
  • Added several new domains to ad blocker.
  • Improvements to SSL scanner.
  • Added detection support for HDS manifests streamed with binary/octet-stream content-types.

If updating from a previous version it is recommended to click the Defaults button in Settings.