Replay Video Capture 7.4

  • Added Virtual-Audio driver as a supplement to the Sound-Capture
  • Added WM Browser for Background mode
  • Added a warning message for BCK mode
  • Reload.exe does not pop-up automatically on errors
  • Now elevated (as administrator) only on administrator accounts. It runs without elevation on regular user accounts (does not require admin. password)
  • Removed (discontinued) the Universal Driver which only worked on XP.
  • Misc bug fixes

Replay Media Catcher 5.01.54

  • Improved HDS and UHS muxing of AAC/AVC.
  • Added grooveshark as secure HTTP stream after recent changes with site.
  • Added several new domains to ad blocker.
  • Improvements to SSL scanner.
  • Added detection support for HDS manifests streamed with binary/octet-stream content-types.

If updating from a previous version it is recommended to click the Defaults button in Settings.

Replay Media Catcher

  • Improved support for uploading to websites while SSL scanning is on.
  • Fixed audio splitting from line in
  • Improved UHS downloading ( when audio/video sync is out at the start of the stream.
  • Some torrent fixes

Replay Radio

  • Support for audio splitting and “at complete” schedule events
  • Fix for shorthand timestamp naming in split recordings
  • Now allows m4b to be imported into iTunes

Replay Media Catcher

  • Support for https/SSL downloading of YouTube videos via Certificate installation. By installing the included certificate, Replay Media Catcher 5 SSL Scanner Root, you will now be able to save YouTube videos over https and while logged into your Google account. (Settings->Internet->HTTP Adv) VPN users might need to switch to OpenVPN to capture some music videos.
  • Support for new YouTube webm adaptive video formats.
  • Support for audio splitting and “at complete” schedule events
  • Removed RTMP monitoring of port 443 by default
  • Now does a thumbnail lookup after each download is complete
  • Now handles naming of YT streams that don’t have a referer header in ssl scanner
  • Now allows m4b to be imported into itunes
  • Improved conversion support
  • Improved HLS protocol detection, downloading and display.
  • Implemented HDS recording (downloading already supported)
  • Extra support for RSS feeds

FAQ: What is the HTTPS/SSL scanning certificate?

Download the latest Replay Media Catcher

Replay Radio

  • New splitting functions – split long recordings at regular intervals or at specific times (see Advanced tab in schedule setup)
  • Better conversion support
  • Added ability to record from line-in
  • General bug fixes

Attention BitDefender users: PLEASE READ

Replay Media Catcher

  • New Guide items and fixes for Guide.
  • Support for more streaming media formats.
  • Support for audio recording from Line In and Microphone sources.
  • New splitting functions for scheduled recordings – split recordings at specific times.
  • Schedules can now be renamed from the list view.
  • Help -> Clear Registration Info menu option for license troubleshooting.
  • Improved ad blocking.
  • BitDefender users – Please see this FAQ.

Replay Music 6.10

  • Fixed a back button issue in the installer.
  • Installer now puts program files in \Applian Technologies\Repla Music 6\ folder by default.
  • Added new Welcome page URL to installer.
  • Updated splash screen.
  • Fixed album number bug when editing multiple tracks.
  • Fixed Unicode issue when recording to a folder that contains special characters such as Chinese characters.